The Women’s School / English

I took part in all of Jaguars women’ s school workshops in summer 2016 in Berlin.
Jaguar has a great intuitive way to share feminine wisdom, even the most sensitive topics are honestly and gently dealt with. I felt very welcome and safe, and left the workshops re-juvenated with new energy, joy and compassion. Thank you Jaguar!
She is an experienced teacher in the wise woman tradition, holding space with feminine confidence and grace, offering her knownledge for the benefit of all.
It is evident that the Feminine awakening and women’s health topics are dear to her heart and Jaguar is devoting her life’s work to sharing this wisdom.
I was also fortunate to experience Jaguar’s healing sound sessions in workshops and cacao meditiations with her partner, soundhealer and musician Simone Vitale. Together they explore spiritual musical research and discovered new dimensions of the healing power of sound. Witnessing Jaguars singing is pure joy and magic, and has an instant healing effect. Jaguar speaks to your soul… I can highly recommend taking part in her workshops and sessions!

– Simone Meetzen, Berlin, 2016

Pregnancy & Birth & Spiritual Mentorship 

I met Jaguar when I was pregnant in 2015 and my husband and I were seeking a doula.

As my doula, Jaguar helped me navigate the many changes I encountered during early pregnancy.

She also supported me during my miscarriage that June. Since that time Jaguar has remained in my life as a trusted healer, teacher and spiritual mentor. I have laid on her table and received craniosacral healing, I have met her in ceremony to process the loss of my pregnancy and most recently, I have experienced spiritual renewal and profound life change born of her teachings and spiritual midwifery during the AngelBirth 1 Training.

If you have never heard of spiritual midwifery before, I can offer my personal experiences as a window into this concept. Imagine “labouring” to give birth to your truest potential whilst simultaneously holding limiting beliefs and deep-seated fears that make that rebirth impossible. A spiritual midwife is the one called to hold you, to calm you and to help awaken your inner connection to self and to God that creates an open window big enough to accommodate your transformation.

She witnesses you in the throws of contraction and the thrills of expansion and creates a safe space for the unfolding journey. She lovingly witnesses the old you, the newborn you and the fresh faced new you finding her legs in a fresh new realm of experience. That is who Jaguar is to me. The spiritual midwife who can remind you of what it means to be a woman – that is – a human being with an inborn capacity for creation on all levels.

If you are looking to reimagine your purpose in this life and to find deeper spiritual connection to yourself, your femininity, the planet and to God, I would recommend that you seek out the mentorship of Jaguar”

– Jenna, Hamburg, 2016



The Women’s School / English

Jaguar weaves deep spiritual teachings with practical advice in a very accessible way. I left each Women’s School circle with valuable learnings and would definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested!

– Liz Pender, 2016

Women’s Health & Healing / English

I’m actually quite speechless as to how to describe Jaguar’s work. The results of my work with her are on such a profound and ever unfolding level that the description of what I might write about the impact of her work may be longer than you have time to read. To be concise, my experience of healing sessions with Jaguar is profound, many layered, and continuously unfolding successfully. I have received tangible energetic tools, skills , and exercises that impact my life daily and keep me clear for my relationships and purposeful work and all of these have had a trememdous positive impact.

– Angela, Colorado, USA, 2015 

Pregnancy & Birth / Deutsch 

Jaguar zu treffen, war für mich ein Geschenk des Universums. Und wir begegneten uns genau zur rechten Zeit. Mehrere Monate hatte ich mit Übelkeit und Erbrechen während meiner Schwangerschaft zu tun und ich war an dem Punkt, an dem ich keinen Funken Leben und Kraft mehr in mir spüren konnte. Ich sehnte mich nach Heilung, nach Wärme, Annahme, Liebe, Geduld, meine Seele sehnte sich und dann begegnete ich Jaguar, dieser wunderbaren, kraftvollen Frau mit der sanften Art zu sprechen und zu berühren. Sie hat mich berührt, meine Seele berührt, und durch ihre Stimme und Hände etwas in mir zum Klingen gebracht.
In ihrer Einzelarbeit hat sie mir geholfen, Räume in mir zu öffnen, Altes loszulassen, neue Visionen zu erschaffen und auch praktisch umzusetzen. In der Zeit in der wir miteinander gearbeitet haben, waren meine Träume besonders intensiv, farbig, bunt – Seelenanteile wurden begraben und neu geboren, ich wurde neu geboren – während in mir mein Baby wuchs.

In den Schwangerschaftskreisen mit Jaguar fand ich Woche für Woche einen heilenden Raum für mich und die Seele meines Kindes, umgeben von wunderbaren Düften, Farben, Gesang, Klängen, Inspirationen. In diesen Kreisen durften wir Frauen einfach sein und uns miteinander verbinden, angeleitet von einer erfahrenen, hochsensiblen, starken Medizinfrau, die mir immer das Gefühl von Sicherheit und Heilung gab.

Durch die Arbeit mit Jaguar stärkte ich das Vertrauen in meine Weiblichkeit, fand wieder zurück in meine weibliche Kraft und erlebte eine intensive, kraftvolle, heilige Geburt. Ich konnte mich hingeben diesem einzigartigen, transformierenden Prozess und inspiriert von Jaguar war die Geburt erfüllt von Klang und wunderbaren Bildern, die mich durch die Wellen begleiteten.

Auch nach der Geburt half sie mir, mich mit Situationen während der Geburt zu versöhnen. Situationen, in denen ich mich nicht so in meiner Kraft gefühlt habe, und diese in ihrer Einzigartigkeit anzunehmen.

Als neue Mama habe ich mich wirklich sehr nach den Schwangerschaftskreisen von Jaguar zurückgesehnt. Und fühlte mich bald inspiriert, gemeinsam mit einer Freundin, die auch in Jaguars Kreisen dabei war, einen kreativ-spirituellen Mama-Baby-Kreis ins Leben zu rufen.

Danke liebe Jaguar, für deine wundervolle Arbeit! Ich freue mich auf all die zukünftigen Begegnungen und Arbeiten mit Dir.

– Larissa, Berlin, 2014

Women’s Health & Healing / Espanol

Un espacio blanco y un cuadro rojo. Solo rojo.
Jaguar, sus cantos y preguntas bien hechas.
Ir a esa capa, la del alma, a través del útero.
Hace tiempo trabajo mi parte emocional, intelectual, corporal, pero del alma, de mi alma, no sabia nada. No sabia donde está ni como acercarme a ella. No sabia ni sé aun, pero los encuentros con Jaguar me han dado consciencia de ella. Y del canal para acercarme a ella. Mi útero sabe más que yo.
Han pasado cosas desde el primer canto
gracias Jaguar

– Merce, 2016

Pregnancy & Birth / Deutsch

Jaguar war mir auf Anhieb sympathisch. Sie ist angenehm ruhig, sehr aufmerksam und hat mich feinfühlig wahrgenommen. Ich habe mich stets mit all meinen Sorgen, Ängsten, Fragen und Emotionen aufgehoben gefühlt- sie war immer verständnisvoll und hilfsbereit. Jaguar ist sichtlich zu Hause in der Welt der Geburt und achtet dieses manchmal sehr feine und zarte Feld. Sie hat mich in dieser aufregenden Zeit der Transformation auf körperlicher, geistiger und seelischer Ebene begleitet, sowohl vor der Geburt, als auch währenddessen und danach. Vor allem hat sie mich in meiner individuellen Energie und Persönlichkeit bestärkt und mir geholfen auf meine Intuition zu vertrauen und Selbstverantwortung zu übernehmen. Auch meinen Mann, unser Kind und unser zu Hause hat sie in ihre Arbeit mit einbezogen. Alles in Allem eine wunderbare, ganzheitliche und hilfreiche Erfahrung!

– Susanne, Berlin, 2014

Women’s Health & Healing / English

Jaguar has extensive knowledge about nutrition and lifestyle, potentially enabling women to live their precious life to its fullest potential. During our time together she gently and respectfully taught me how to nourish my body with delicious green smoothies and raw whole food. Through her teaching I have been able to find health and wellness from the inside out and I have a new understanding of what I put into my body and its direct effect on my energy, mind and spirit. I am forever grateful to her.
Jaguar is an inspirational woman who is dedicated to living a life with her heart wide open. When she engages in body work, the experience is deeply moving and masterful. If you want to move through an experience with a powerful yet loving guide, then Jaguar truly is a midwife of the soul.

– KeiShana, New Zealand, 2011

Sacred Circle Online Training / English

Our Sacred Rose Circle was divinely beautiful last night. I had 6 women come which I think is the maximum number for our sacred space (for lying down anyway!). These are some of the written messages I’ve received since last night:

“Thank you so much for such a divinely beautiful evening. I felt uplifted and energised when I left.”
“Thank you so much for last night. It was a beautiful, nourishing, exquisite experience. Thank you for holding the space so beautifully and for giving us the safe space to be vulnerable and get in touch with our sacredness.”
“Jo you have such a gift to transport women to their being – thank you thank you from my heart.”

Thank you for putting together such a beautiful outline for me to deliver Jaguar!

– Jo, 2013

Women’s Health & Healing / English

In terms of an outcome from your Skype sessions, I would say that for me personally, I gained more clarity about my life’s / soul’s purpose, and the path towards that has become clearer also. It’s almost like unlocking a beautiful box and finding the secrets within it, and even after the Skype sessions have finished it’s like it’s opened the lid to the box and the path keeps showing itself for me to follow. Our work uncovered and went deeply into my connection with crystals, and with the work with the sacred circles, I know my path is with creating sacred jewellery, and also feel it is in working with women in sacred circles too – bringing together women in a more sacred way, and creating community

“When sleeping women wake mountains move” – chinese proverb

This quote has come to me in several forms over the last week, and is what I feel you have the gift to do, and are doing for me – awakening the Divine Feminine in the ‘sleeping woman’, and allowing those beautiful mountains to move”

– Joanne, New Zealand, 2014 

Pregnancy & Birth / English

I‘m so glad to have met you and to have had our sessions together. How wonderful to speak with someone who sees me for who I really am, and makes me feel special for being just that. I thank you dearly for every little moment we shared. From the talks to the inner work to the aura sprays and essential oils, it was all so deliciously appreciated by me and my baby :) With a lighter spirit and a more grounded sense of self, I now await the birth of my baby with a strength and confidence in myself as a woman. Thank you for everything Jaguar! 

– Laura, Berlin, 2015

Pregnancy & Birth / English

I felt so honoured to have Jaguar accompany me on my pregnancy and birthing journey. I found her to be so honest, genuine, caring, and full of wisdom. I appreciated her deep understanding of the sacred nature of birth, and also her practical knowledge too. Jaguar really understood what I and my baby needed. The way I became in tune with the sacred nature of my pregnancy and Ethan’s birth has become such a positive memory and has helped my connection with Ethan and for me to be able to understand him at a deep level.

– Helen, Nelson, New Zealand, 2010


The Women’s School

Jaguar has a wealth of knowledge to share with women. She is such an inspiring feminine leader and has incredible presence in everything she does, which is a lot! In Women’s School, we delved into the blood and bones and joy of what it means to be a women in today’s day and age. Jaguar brings both ancient wisdom and modern day concepts to her classes, focussing on all aspects of womanhood, from the physiological and anatomical elements of what happens in the feminine body to the mystery, wonder and depth of feminine divinity/spirituality. She covers it all in a holistic approach to learning that leaves you feeling that you want to learn more! Jaguar is a wonderful teacher and guide, she is both highly professional as well as open, genuine and filled with loving compassion. I highly recommend Women’s School for women who want to learn about what it means to be a woman on every level.

– Jane Cormack – Cultivating Women to Shine – Author: “Language of the Feminine”, Berlin, 2016

Spiritual Mentorship / English 

I have been learning and growing with Jaguar for about 1.5 years and I have felt, seen, held and heard that this experience has been incredibly priceless for me. She gives you tools to love yourself! Ultimately, that is the key to our present life in this day and age- to love and heal yourself. Jaguar gave me so much in abundant ways. She gave me advice on exercises ranging from physical development such as yoga and dance, prayers, songs, meditations, nutritional diets, supplements, books and all sorts of ways to approach my higher self and divine love. She kept me on track in a disciplinary approach so as not to get lost and facilitated my growth in an infinitely loving way. Her style is wholesome and so empowering. It is the best thing that I have done for myself and the most loving thing as I finally dedicated loving nourishment for myself. I released so many hidden barriers, grievances, past traumas, manifested projects, attracted divine souls, built on my higher purpose, grew in my own power and created so much goodness in my life. Her kindness, compassion and beautiful love is so pure and magical and I love her! 

– N. Belgium, 2014

Pregnancy & Birth / English

In our modern world, most of us do not believe in miracles anymore. Now that I have been though the journey of pregnancy and birth, I do! In the last weeks I was thinking that for a women who gave birth, it is impossible not to believe in miracles!

I am a social scientist and I have always been a person of reason. When I first learned that I am pregnant, I opened my web browser and started searching for books about pregnancy and birth. This is the way I do my work actually. I am a researcher, so when I start doing research on a new subject I just kick of by reading whatever I can find on the topic. By the beginning of third trimester, I had a lot of information on pregnancy and birth; on different approaches to them; on the stages of labor; on hormones etc.

I always knew that I wanted to give birth. After getting more informed about birth, I decided what I want is a natural birth: A birth with minimum or no intervention. For centuries women gave birth in the most natural ways. So I said to myself: if it is possible, than I will do it, I will give birth in the most natural way. Yet making this statement was not enough. I find myself asking questions that I did not have an answer for. Do I really have a connection to the nature? How can I work with nature? Can I trust nature? Or can I trust my inner powers? To say the truth, I did not have a positive answer to any of these questions. Months of reading on pregnancy and birth was not enough to answer these questions. Something was missing!

This was exactly the point I decided to get some support for my birth. I decided I needed someone who has experience in birth. But more than that I needed someone who believes in nature and knows how to work with it. I needed someone who can give me some faith and guidance in this journey. I was lucky that Jaguar was the second doula I met with after coming to Berlin. I very well remember that it was in the first half an hour of our get to know meeting that I decided that she is the person I was looking for.

When I met Jaguar, I was already in the 34th week of my pregnancy, so we only had 4 meetings before birth. In these four meetings we get to know each other. She helped me to establish a connection with my inner strengths; she helped me to believe in the power of nature and helped me to let myself work with this power.

The birth of my son was the most sacred, the most beautiful, and the most profound experience of my life! It is really hard to find the right words to explain it. That is why I started my story talking about miracles. It was a miracle!! Now looking back to our meetings and my birth, I can say that without Jaguar this would have been a totally different experience—much more medical, much less spiritual.

Although I gave birth in a hospital the memories I have of my birth are full of positive energy, full of love, full of in-depth feelings that I never experienced before. I remember Jaguar and my dear husband as the two angels holding my hands and helping me though this journey. Her faith in nature, and her faith in my inner power as a woman, became my faith and courage to go the most natural way. In the most intense hours of labor, when I got close to doubting that I can do this I reminded myself the meetings we had before the birth.

In the end, my birth was without any medical interventions. I was given no painkillers; I was totally awake and present. I could feel my baby trying to come out, I could see his little head when his head was born and I was the first one to take him in my arms when he was out. Words are not enough to tell how I felt at that moment. Now, looking back, I remember every minute of my labour, even the hours that I had intense pain, with the greatest pleasure. It was the only experience in my whole life that I felt so close to nature, and that I realize that I have the power to work with it. I owe Jaguar a big thank you for guiding me though this journey!

– Ipek, Turkey, 2014

Spiritual Mentorship / English

Working with Jaguar has been very revealing and soothing. I only had one session with her, but have felt a profound shift since. She gently uncovered some of my patterns and self-judgement, and showed me a different perspective and possibilities. I felt so at peace and nurtured after our session, and have felt that way since. I feel a lot more clarity. Jaguar has a very nurturing, soft and gentle way of working. She opens up new possibilities. I highly recommend her work.

– Freddy, Costa Rica, 2015 

Spiritual Mentorship / English

All the events of last week are moving through so quickly and my dream last night showed me what I have been opening to see for so long. I’m being shown that the work that I have done is coming into place, and now the real work begins and I’m preparing as Durga to ride the tiger. This is where the personal journey meets the collective, otherwise know as#theuniversalshithitsthefan and #sacredwoundtosacredmedicine.

A personal thank you to Jaguar Starlet who has made herself available this week despite a full practice to support me on this healing journey. I highly recommend her work. If you saw what has been possible for me in the last three nights of dreaming, you would do anything possible to facilitate it 

– Angela, USA, 2015

Schwangerschaft und Geburt / Deutsch 

Zeit mit Jaguar,
Ich liege hier auf meinen Bett mit meinem kleinen Wunder auf dem Bauch.
Er ist geboren vor 5 Woche.
Ich kann es immer noch nicht richtig fassen das es jetzt schon da ist.
Die wunderschöne Zeit ging doch so schnell vorbei.

Liebe werdende Muttis liebe Schwangere.
Ich habe mit Jaguar eine Traum Reise durchlebt.
Wir haben uns so alle zwei – drei Wochen am Anfang meiner Schwangerschaft getroffen.
Und dann langsam gesteigert auf ein zwei mal pro Wochen.
Damit wurde unsere Reise immer intensiver.

Jaguar habe ich gesucht, weil ich bei meiner zweiten Geburt alles anders erleben wollte.
Da die spirituelle Welt für mich sehr wichtig ist,
habe ich mir gedacht es muss doch jemanden geben der
uns auf den Weg zur Geburt und während der Geburt auf diese weise begleitet und uns unterstützen kann.
Ich war davon überzeugt das es so etwas gibt.
Also schaute ich im Internet nach.
Und traf auf Jaguar.

So begann unsere Reise durch die Schwangerschaft, die Geburt und das Wochenbett.

Ich kann es euch nur ans Herz legen,
es war eine wunderschöne Zeit.
Ihr bekommt mehr und mehr das Gefühl euren Körper noch besser wahrzunehmen und im Einklang mit allem zu sein.

Die Geburt war mir das wichtigste
da ich von meiner letzen Geburt nur schlechte Erinnerungen hatte.
Diese Erinnerungen sind wie weg geblasen seit den Treffen mit Jaguar.
Und ich habe eine wunderschöne zweite Geburt erlebt.
Und nicht einmal an die schlechten Erfahrungen der zweiten Geburt gedacht.
Jaguar hat mir und meinen kleinen Sohn während der Geburt so viel Muht und Kraft gegeben.
Durch energetische Kraft,

Das, wenn ich jetzt zurückschaue,
immer wieder sage es war einfach toll,
jedes mal wenn ich diesen kleinen Menschen anschaue denke ich an alles wie es begann und was das in mir verändert hat.
Keine Angst mehr einfach nur noch schöne Erinnerungen.

Jaguar ist für euch durch alle Bereiche der Schwangerschaft und auch noch danach eine große Hilfe.
Es ist schön zu wissen sie an der Seite zu haben.

Ich wünsche euch eine wundervolle Schwangerschaft und eine schöne Zeit.

– Beatrice, 2014 

Sacred Rose Circle Initiation Facilitate-rix Training

Jaguar’s Sacred Rose Circle Training is a deep dive into the very essence of the Divine Feminine both for yourself as the circle holder, and for the women blessed to attend your circles. This training takes you on the most beautiful journey to the depths of your soul as you explore each topic through deep personal work cradled in the safe hands of Jaguar. Her sessions are so nurturing, insightful, beautiful, supportive, and full of so much heart and love. I felt that I had embodied each circle topic, so could ‘hold’ the space in a deeper place of knowing. On top of the embodiment of the circle topic, the outline she provides gave me the comfort I needed to lead the circle. The meditations she provides for the circle are so beautiful and powerful. I have been able to take my learnings from Jaguar’s Sacred Rose Circle Training into the essence of life, far beyond the time in circle…from creating sacred space, to working with the energies of the moon and my cycle, embodying goddess energies and archetypes, a deeper appreciation and integration of the magic and power of crystals and the chakras, and the precious gift of community. The community of sisters created from a Sacred Rose Circle is like no other – a beautiful sisterhood of the heart. I urge every woman to open their hearts to the sweet Divine scent of the Sacred Rose – allow Jaguar to take you, and the women blessed to attend your circles on a journey to your very essence. I personally will be eternally grateful for the beauty of the Sacred Rose that Jaguar has brought into my life, and the lives of the women who touch my life so deeply.

– J., New Zealand

Pregnancy & Birth / Deutsch

Der Schwangerenkreis mit Jaguar und die Einzelarbeit mit ihr haben mich tief beruehrt.

Sie hat mich dabei unterstuetzt in meiner Schwangerschaft in tiefen Kontakt mit mir selber, meinem inneren Kind und dem wachsenden Baby in mir zu kommen. Meine Schwangerschaft war fuer mich eine sehr transformierende Zeit und die Arbeit mit Jaguar hat meine spirituelle Reise auf heilsame Weise vertieft.

Ich habe mich immer sehr verstanden und gesehen gefuehlt. Durch ihre Erfahrung, innere Weisheit und einzigartige Intuition hat Jaguar mich zu wesentlichen Themen und inneren Raeumen gefuehrt wodurch Heilung moeglich wurde.

Auch in der Begleitung meiner Partnerschaft (Sitzungen mit meinem Partner und mir) war sie stark und einfuehlsam zugleich, was unsere Beziehung nachhaltig gestaerkt hat. Bei Fragen kurz vor meiner Geburt hat sie mir vertrauensvoll zur Seite gestanden, wodurch ich mich gehalten und bestaerkt fuehlte. Jaguar ist eine kraftvolle und zugleich sanfte Heilerin und Doula, deren wundervolle, einzigartige Arbeit Frauen hilft in dieser magischen Zeit der Schwangerschaft und Geburt in ihre weibliche Kraft zu kommen. Ich bin dankbar fuer diese wertvolle Begleitung, die mich ueber die Schwangerschaft und Geburt hinaus als Frau und Mutter gestaerkt hat.

 – Anna, Berlin, 2014

The Women’s School / Deutsch 

Ich habe diesen Workshop bereits mit einem Gefühl von tiefen Vertrauen und Vorfreude gebucht. Ohne Erwartungen und mit absoluter Ruhe habe ich diesen Workshop besucht und fühlte mich gleich inmitten der wunderbaren sehr wohl. Jaguar ist eine Frau, die eine Weichheit und Ruhe und tiefes Wissen mitbringt und liebevoll und gerne mit allen teilt. Es war wunderbar ihrer Stimme und Worten zu lauschen, während sie die Geschichten aus “Running with the Wolfes” vortrug und mit uns danach behandelte auf verschiedene Weise. Ich fühlte mich ganz sicher und gesehen bei ihr und ging mit einem Gefühl von Freude und Ruhe und Erleichterung aus dem Workshop. Danke dir Jaguar, ich freue mich in Zukunft noch viel von dir lernen zu dürfen.

– Johanna, Yoga Lehrerin, Sacred Rose Circle Anleiterin in Ausbildung, Berlin, 2016 


Meine Geburtsvorbereitung bei Jaguar Star hat mir in jeder Hinsicht gut getan. Jaguar hat mich dabei unterstützt, eine innige Beziehung zu meinem Kind aufzubauen bevor es geboren wurde, sie hat mit mir nach Kraftbildern und Ressourcen gesucht, die mich in der Geburt gestärkt haben und sie hat mir auf der körperlichen Ebene einen Weg gezeigt meinem Körper zu vertrauen.
Auch wenn ich für die Geburt unserer Tochter eine andere Doula an meiner
Seite hatte, bin ich Jaguar für Ihre Vorbereitung sehr dankbar und kann sie wärmstens empfehlen. Jede Frau die ein Kind zur Welt bringent sollte eine Doula an ihrer Seite haben. Ich habe unsere Tochter binnen fünf Stunden auf natürlichem Weg ohne Schmerzmittel zur Welt gebracht – das mir dies möglich war, habe ich meinen beiden Doulas zu verdanken.

– Alexa, Berlin, 2016

Women’s Health & Healing

Jaguar walks the path of Medicine Woman in her very unique and grounded approach full of diverse techniques and wisdom. Her entire life is dedicated to the healing and beautification of our world. I have been working with her for several years, always feeling her understand and support my soul’s essence.

– Schirin, USA, 2014

Pregnancy & Birth

Sommer 2014. Es waren noch ca. 3 Monate bis zum errechneten Geburtstermin meiner Tochter. Ich hatte bereits eine tolle Hebamme, habe mich für eine Geburt im Geburtshaus entschieden, indem ich regelmäßig für die Vorsorgeuntersuchungen war und mich sehr wohl fühlte. Ich wünschte mir eine natürliche Geburt, ohne Medikamente, mit einer liebevollen, familiären Atmosphäre, um meine Tochter ganz sanft willkommen zu heißen. Auch habe ich mehrere Bücher zum Thema Geburt gelesen und mich verstärkt mit „HypnoBirthing“ beschäftigt. Eigentlich schien ich bestens auf alles vorbereitet zu sein, jedoch hatte ich tief in mir eine Sehnsucht.

Ich konnte diese Sehnsucht kaum in Worte fassen. In dem ersten Gespräch mit Jaguar habe ich versucht es ihr mit folgenden Worten zu erklären: „ich spüre eine Energie der Veränderung um mich herum und in mir, sie ist zum greifen nah und trotzdem weiß ich nicht, wie ich dieses Potential nutzen kann. Es bewegt sich so viel in mir, es entsteht etwas ganz Neues und ich glaube ich könnte mit dem Schwung des Neuen gehen und daran wachsen.“ Jaguar strahlte mich mit ihren offenen Augen an und sagte, dass es wohl kein Zufall sei, dass ich sie gefunden habe. Sie hat schon oft erlebt, dass schwangere Frauen eine ganz besondere Energie haben und genau das sehe sie auch als ihre Aufgabe. Sie benutzt dieses Potential, um die Frauen auf einer tieferen Ebene zu heilen und damit gut für die Zeit als Mutter vorzubereiten.

Ich war insgesamt vor der Geburt meiner Tochter 4 Mal bei ihr und besuchte auch einige Male ihren Geburtsvorbereitungskurs, der mir, neben dem von der Krankenkasse bezahlten Kurs, sehr gut tat. Dort ging es um die eigentlichen Themen, die mich vorbereitet habe: Angst, Sexualität und Weiblichkeit, Bewegung und Körper.

In den Einzelsitzungen guckten wir gemeinsam auf mein Leben und meine Seele. Jaguar betrachtet verschiedene Ebenen, die mich mehr und mehr zu mir selber führten. Es begann mit meiner frühen Abspaltung von meinem Körper. Sie half mir das ursprüngliche „sich zu Hause fühlen im eigenen Körper“ wieder herzustellen. Dann ging es um Familienbildung und Kraft, die ich unter der Geburt brauchen würde. Als ich nach unserer letzten Sitzung die Praxis verließ, ist etwas Neues in mir entstanden: ich fühlte, dass ich nun bereit war Mutter zu werden und diese neue Rolle in meinem Leben mir keine Angst mehr macht. Außerdem kämpfte ich nicht mehr mit dem Gedanken, dass die Veränderung, die ich mir wünschte sofort eintreten muss. Ich war mir nun sicher, dass die Geburt meiner Tochter mich transformieren wird.

Die Geburt unserer geliebten Tochter war für mich und meinen Mann ein außergewöhnlich bewegendes Erlebnis. Die Intensität dieser Stunden hat alles übertroffen, was ich mir je vorher vorstellen konnte. Ab einem gewissen Punkt, habe ich die Transformation zugelassen, mein Herz geöffnet und meinen Körper die Führung überlassen. Genau dafür hat Jaguar mich vorbereitet. Ich habe erfahren, was es bedeutet eine Frau zu sein und welche enormen Kräfte in mir stecken und durch mich durch fließen können. Vorher hatte ich jahrelang mein Herz verschlossen. Durch die Geburt und das tiefe innere Loslassen, habe ich es wieder geöffnet.

Vielen Dank, liebe Jaguar. – Chiara, Berlin, 2014 

Women’s Health & Healing / English

Jaguar is an incredible healer with great intuitive gifts. My sessions with her have always been very profound as though she hears the very core of my soul and its deepest desires…her femininity and strength are an inspiration for women today who are seeking a new paradigm of how to be. She listens with every part of her being totally there for her clients and friends.

 Carolina, New Zealand,  2011

Spiritual Mentorship

I have worked with Jaguar/Alice on several occasions since 2009.
Jaguar/Alice is a Guru of sorts, in her own right.
A Guru, by definition, being a person who can help us move from the darkness to the light.
The phrase, “Birthing Essence into Being” sums up her work very well.
To me Jaguar/Alice is a warrior, a pioneer, and an explorer. From what I know of her, she has made it her business to explore and know the nature of the human being.
She has made it her business to share that understanding with others, and to help others empower themselves into more fulfilling lives.
To me she is an inspiration with her dedication to consciousness and her willingness to share her love and understanding with others.
I have felt my heart expand under her tuition. Her energy and courage have helped me to feel that this world does not have to be a hopeless place, but a place where love can be experienced and shared with others.

– anon. , 2012

Sacred Women’s Circle / English

Dearest Jaguar,

Thank you for sharing your gifts, your beauty and wisdom.

The messages I have come away from your sessions with are powerful and meaningful (and very much needed!). You showed us how to create a space that was safe and nurturing and I feel very protected for the week after our sessions.

Jaguar, you are a blessing and I strongly recommend you to all my friends!

– Susie, New Zealand, 2012

Inner Communication with Children Workshops 

The course in Inner communication is both practical and profound. Jaguar leads in a gentle and powerful way to take you on a journey inward. Over the course of (2) day(s) Jaguar facilitates a safe, loving, fun space where layers of barriers to communication are peeled away. As Jaguar guides you deeper within, there is an opportunity to communicate authentically with self and others in your life. I came to this workshop with specific questions weighing on my heart and by the end I had clear, heart-led answers from the souls of my children and myself.
Inner communication really works! After this course I am able to get to the core of the soul’s message. In the past my “inner communication” was often sensed but mostly clouded and now through what was experienced and learned through Jaguar I feel more able to access it, as needed with absolute clarity. What a gift. Thank you Jaguar!

– Lisa, New Zealand, 2012

Pregnancy and Birth / English 

I am staring at my daughter and think back to that precious time when she was in my belly… when I found out that I was pregnant, I wondered what kind of support I would like to prepare for giving birth. I felt that this change in my life was offering me a great opportunity to face myself and to unravel knots inside of me. Soon after I met Alice (Jaguar). She told me she was a Doula and helped women through pregnancy on the spiritual and emotional level. I decided to take the chance to broaden my world and go together on a journey.

I felt very safe to open myself up and to be honest about what was moving inside of me. Alice (Jaguar) picked up on what was coming up in our conversations and felt intuitively into what we would do the next Session.

In between Sessions I had “food for thought” or “homework” to keep focused on what we were working on. We spent time in nature, had healing sessions, bodywork and even involved my partner.

Pregnant women are considered to be emotionally unstable because of their hormones that are playing games inside their bodies. I started to realize that this imbalance is not only due to hormonal changes, but mainly because deep rooted patterns come to the surface and want to be changed (for the new life that is growing inside).

I learned to allow my emotions to be and to feel the space inside of me. Alice (Jaguar) shared her wisdom, and more importantly, she faciliated the experience of wisdom. The lasy month we focused on relaxation and I was spoiled with massages and cranio-sacral healing to prepare my body and mind for the birth. When I entered the big adventure of giving birth I felt prepared.

Labor was strong and long. Alice (Jaguar) was there to support me and I felt deep trust. She gave me full attantion and love and seemed to know and understand what I was going through, which was very helpful to me.
I had a really good midwife who was physically supportive. It was however so good to also have a doula who had the space and attention to focus also on the other levels of soul, spirit, feelings and deep inner process in this journey of opening up for new life. Thank You!

– My journey through pregnancy guided by Jaguar, a doula
Tineke Steeman, New Zealand, 2010

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