Ritual Design



Personalised, curated rituals for your intimate celebration, special occasion or larger event.

We specialise in CURATED, beautiful RITUALS that CONNECT PEOPLE and create MEANING.

We are experienced RITUAL DESIGNERS and we craft spaces that facilitate a modern approach to the ancient ART OF RITUAL – ritual being a deep human need, and a method of allowing our lives to be touched by MEANINGFULNESS, a reminder about the value of LIFE.

There are many special moments in life that simply pass by.

This is an opportunity to CELEBRATE AND ELEVATE this moment.

Your occasion may be a number of things – we work with intimate FAMILY RITUALS around marriage, pregnancy, birth and a new home and we also facilitate larger EVENT BASED RITUALS to open your special occasion in an extraordinary way, to create an event that becomes a wonderful memory.

Our joint experience comes from years of working together creating beautiful and professional RITUALS for:

Pregnancy Blessingways, House Blessings, Marriage Blessings, Art & Healing Festivals, Community celebrations, Special occasions (New Year celebration, Workshop presentations), Traditional Ceremonies, large and small CACAO Ceremonies and ritualised artistic performances, as well as intimate personal celebrations like birthdays or as part of a line up of performances.

We have worked internationally for various years and we are now based in Tauranga, New Zealand.

We combine highly specialised music for Rituals (including options of Mindful Music, Music of the Plants and music that connects people and the environment) with comprehensive ceremonial skills and professional group facilitation. Additionally, we offer special services such as artwork, textiles, clothing and special objects to enhance the ritual spaces that are created by us.

As the RITUALS are individually curated for you, the details of how each ritual is designed are discussed with you in person.

This is a highly professional Ritual Design service, and we care about the quality and beauty of each and every Ritual we create.

Each special moment matters to us, be it your PREGNANCY CELEBRATION, BLESSINGWAY or YOUR ART EXHIBIT OPENING.

Have a look at our OFFERINGS:


HOME BLESSING RITUAL (for families and friends)

A fabulous way to inaugurate your new home, with a celebration that creates beauty, good energy and connection

We work with alchemical principles of water, fire, air, earth and essence in combination with our RITUAL curation tools


A traditional and powerful way to welcome a new child into your family and community. We include song, group activities and space for feasting and celebrating for groups of family members and/or friends, in an atmosphere that is inclusive of everyone.

MARRIAGE CELEBRATION (for anyone in love)

Intimate or extravagant – we design a Ritual that reflects your wishes and needs – we are available to talk about your thoughts and ideas, as well as supporting the processes of marriage ceremony which opens spaces of deep & beautiful personal reflection and understanding

And the classical: 


with your friends

This is a specialised Ritual held just for women, by women, in women’s sacred circle.

Many years of facilitating women’s ceremonies, accompanying births and supporting pregnancies provide an extensive background for deep, loving, sacred and very thoughtful personalised Birth Blessingway Ritual for you and your baby.



As experienced Ritual Designers, we work creatively with you to facilitate Rituals that provide CONNECTION and CULTIVATE MEANING for your space, event or special occasion.

Our skill set is varied and diverse, giving us the tools to work both in a very interpersonal manner as well as a highly artistic and musically elegant way. We come from a background of both people-oriented group and individual work, as well as artistically framed, creative work.

In this context, the lines between group facilitation, artistic contribution, beauty, integration of educational or informative elements and multicultural connection merge into the specific RITUAL INSTALLATION that is in alignment for you. Our Rituals are designed in a soulful way and we have a high standard of working in this very specialised field.

Our current location: Wellington, New Zealand – we are available to travel and are sometimes in Auckland. We also visit Europe each year.