Would you like holistic support in your pregnancy?

Are you wishing to bring healing to a birth trauma?

Do you wish for a deeper preparation for your birth?

I offer you an integrative and holistic framework that is complementary to your midwifery care. 

I am a pregnancy and birth professional, offering care, support & education in all areas of the childbearing year.

Modalities used: cranio-sacral therapy, body-soul conception & prenatal support, relationship counseling, pregnancy bodywork & self care Sessions, birth preparation, birth trauma healing, post natal integration and personalised rituals for this special time. Making quality time for you and your baby. Supportive, Healing & Celebrating. I have an extensive education and many years of experience in the field.   

This is an additional service to your regular midwifery or other medical care, which are not part of this work. Please ensure that you have the necessary medical care you need for your pregnancy and birth.

I also offer post-birth integration ritual work “Closing the Bones” – a traditional Mexican ceremony, which is a beautiful way to integrate or bring healing to your experience. I look forward to hearing from you! 

In person

Holistic pregnancy, birthpreparation & post natal ritual

Mount Maunagui & Auckland, New Zealand

Select a service from the options below that best suits your current needs :

Pregnancy Support Sessions – The Pregnancy Journey 

Receive full support during your pregnancy – health, body, heart & soul. 

Connect deeply with yourself, your baby and your new phase in life.  Body and soul matter in pregnancy and birth. 

Allow time to create a deep connection with yourself, your baby and your new life phase. 

Cranio Sacral Therapy for fertility, in pregnancy, to prepare for birth or regenerate from birth

This work is specialised for women and women’s health needs and supports a mindful pregnancy and birth, as well as providing a supportive environment for your fertility journey. Supporting your connection to your body and your baby. 

 Gentle, Healing with specialised trauma therapy modalities when needed. 

Birth Preparation Intensive – for MAMAS or FOR COUPLES 

Preparing for the Birth : a mindful and loving pathway for you and your family. 

Consultation and Coaching, Breath, Body awareness, mindfulness, Massage techniques, birth education, inspirations, working through fears, healing past trauma, Spinning Babies methods, movement, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, creative visualisation, imagery, birth affirmations, creative pathways (drawing, song, art), natural health & herbal support and more. 

Give yourself the best possible chance for a beautiful birth!
4 – 6 Sessions before birth.


Add your Blessingway Ritual if you feel inspired!

I facilitate beautiful pregnancy rituals to share with your close friends and family.  

A Blessingway is a special celebration of yourself coming into new motherhood, welcoming your baby and creating a sense of the sacred that this time in life holds. The celebration is created together with you, according to your needs and wishes.

I provide a menu of inspirations and ideas you can pick and choose from, the facilitation includes music and song if you wish. 


Fertility and Conception support 

Are you preparing to become pregnant? 

Come and receive some comprehensive support for your journey.  In the midst of the challenges that the fertility journey can bring, stay connected with yourself, be nourished, receive gentle care. 

Cranio-Sacral Therapy can be a supportive puzzle piece in your journey of fertility and conception. We can include natural health consultations and nutritional pathways to benefit your body and wellbeing to be best prepared fro conception. 

Post natal Support & Ritual 

As a qualified cranio-sacral therapist and specialised trauma support body therapist I provide professional services to assist in your pathway of healing and integrating your experience. 

Specialised postnatal Ritual after 40 days post birth – 

“Closing The Bones” traditional mexican rebozo ceremonies – a very special post birth ceremony that is highly recommended for after birth. Especially after a traumatic or difficult birth this work has been found to bring deep healing to both mother and baby. The ceremony is created at your home, together with a loved and trusted female friend or family member. 

Your body is gently wrapped in a traditional scarf, the whole ritual is held whilst you are fully clothed and in a very gentle manner.

You may have a bath before the ritual is done. Here you can see what this ritual is like, with the woman whom taught me the tools and skills –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whRJ3joO-LQ with Angelina Martinez, traditional Mexican midwife. 

Birth Trauma Healing Sessions  

Support the integration of birth experiences and healing trauma – specialised birth trauma therapy for body and soul.

Did you have  difficult birth? Experiencing post natal blues? You can reach out for support.  
C-sections can also leave their scars which you may wish to address.
You are welcome here in safe place to honour your journey and bring soothing loving kindness to the wounds.

I am trained in somatic (body centred) & soul centred trauma support.

I am experienced with supporting women in the post natal period and integrating difficult experiences. 

Providing caring, professional and experienced support for different types of birth trauma. 

Sacred Birth pathways 

Your experience, your body and your path is sacred. Here is a place that honours you and your baby and this Rites of Passage that pregnancy and birth is, no matter which path it takes you on. 

I look forward to hearing from you! 

Tools used for the processes:

Cranio Sacral Therapy specialised for women 

Birth Trauma Healing

Psychosomatic embodiment work

Holistic Birth education

Health education, resources and tools

Working through fears 

Feminine Wisdom

Feminine Centred Healing work

Holistic Health care

Information around feminine health, pregnancy & birth

Supporting self confidence 

Cultivating Trust & Inner Wisdom

Creativity, movement, dance & song

Emotional Healing space

Resolving trauma

Healing Birth Trauma” specialised bodywork for mothers and babies

Bodywork for women (special pre- and post natal treatments)


Loving Kindness

Communication with the Soul



Birth Affirmations

Beauty, Rituals & Ceremonies

Song (Traditional medicine & birth song)

Doula prenatal, birth & postnatal services

Postnatal Healing Sessions (including post miss-carriage & post abortion support)

Energy medicine

Yoni (vagina) Self Care

Womb Care 

Self Massage

Breath & relaxation

Essential oils


Relationship counselling for couples

Psychosomatic care

Spiritual Mentorship

Shamanic pathways


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