“Lightbirth” – Women and Soul

WELCOME beautiful woman.

This place is dedicated to YOU. To women. To soul.

We are part of the current FEMININE REVOLUTION.

We offer a wide spectrum of women’s centred spaces including individual mentorship, feminine health treatments, pregnancy support, birth preparation and personal coaching, education, learning & training, as well as inspirational products and personalised rituals. Couples and Families are welcome too!

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THE WOMEN’S SCHOOL & THE WOMEN’S CLINIC are founded by me: Jaguar Star – Yolande Alice Carrell.

I provide these all services in both English and Deutsch, as well as Spanish in the individual work.

This is a space to go deep, to discover, grow and unleash your Self. It is also a space to go slow, be gentle, be mindful and unlearn the patterns that have been placed upon you. It is a space that has grown through multi-disciplinary education, thinking and experience – because this time is an important time for us women to understand ourselves, our bodies, our hearts and minds.

It is a place where you can receive individual support and in-depth education as well as professional growth.

As an international women’s centred Clinic and School we provide services, courses and Training globally –  Online as well as in person.

I look forward to meeting you!

Spiritual Gateways

Deep Regeneration

Can we re-learn to rest? Deciphering the modern mystery of true regeneration for city dwellers.How important is regeneration to you? This is a hot topic. A widely discussed topic. Its a real sign of our times that this topic needs to be talked about so much. And it...

Golden Awakenings

Music and poetry to go on a journey with ..


Aeroplane wonderings … throughout my ongoing travels I have found the time in the air to be a special time. Something happens – things can shift, magic can happen, time, people and places align. In those times up in the air, our soul can create change in very...

New Born

      Years ago I had a whole period of new birth. You know that feeling when everything starts afresh? It was the sum of various processes that culminated in the birth of a whole new part of my being. In this time of my life I participated in a wonderful “Birth Into...


       Dies ist ein zweisprachiger Blog – einfach weil ich in zwei Sprachen denke und schreibe und es so am kreativ-flowigsten für mich ist. Sonst muss  ich mich immer auf die eine oder andere Sprache fixieren. Wieso hier? Bei uns in der Familie haben wir auch in zwei...

Neuseeländerin in Berlin – New Zealand Stargirl in Berlin

Eine Neuseeländerin in Berlin. Dazu noch ein Sternenkind, total Hochsensibel und absolute Naturliebhaberin. Wie kann das sein? Jetzt lebe ich nun schon seit über  2.5 Jahren in dieser Stadt und ich lebe noch! Ich atme noch, ich spüre noch diese weite Verbindung der...
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