“Lightbirth” – Women and Soul

WELCOME beautiful woman.

This place is dedicated to YOU. To women. To soul. 

We are part of the current FEMININE REVOLUTION. 

We offer a wide spectrum of women’s centred spaces including individual mentorship, feminine health treatments, pregnancy and birth support and personal coaching, education, learning & training, as well as inspirational products and personalised rituals. Couples and Families are welcome too! 

THE WOMEN’S SCHOOL & THE WOMEN’S CLINIC are founded by me : Jaguar Star – Yolande Alice Carrell

I provide these all services in both English and Deutsch, as well as Spanish in the individual work. 

This is a space to go deep, to discover, grow and unleash your Self. It is also a space to go slow, be gentle, be mindful and unlearn the patterns that have been placed upon you. It is a space that has grown through multi-disciplinary education, thinking and experience – because this time is an important time for us women to understand ourselves, our bodies, our hearts and minds. 

It is a place where you can receive individual support and in depth education as well as professional growth. 

As a international women’s centred Clinic and School we provide services, courses and Trainings globally –  Online as well as in person.


The Women’s Clinic & The Women’s School has now just arrived in AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND.


The Women’s Clinic & The Women’s School will be back in June 2017 to Berlin & other areas in Germany for Summer School. 

I look forward to meeting you! 



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