Personal Online Mentorship Sessions for your Feminine Journey 

First Session

Before starting one of the Online Journeys, book in a First Session. 

You receive:

  • a comprehensive Wellness Report to support your needs
  • In-depth personal transformative work & coaching
  •  a detailed conversation about you and what would best support you in this time. This gives us the information we need to go on a transformative journey together, and you have the chance to get a first-hand impression of how I work before committing to your journey. If you wish to book one of the topics below straight away you do not have to book the introductory Session. 
  • Audio Meditation (made for you or one of our special audios and sent via email after our consultation)

First Session: 100 € (includes 60 min. Session, Wellness Report & Audio Guided Meditation) 

If you have any questions before booking in a First Session you can make an appointment for a free initial 20-minute personal call. For new clients, it is always possible to arrange a first free meeting and have a chat. 

If you are interested in Conscious Conception, it is also recommended to book this First Session, as the Wellness Report is extremely helpful for your support. 

Women’s Coaching 

Receive personal and meaningful support for your life – your spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing, that is truly FEMININE centred. You have access to a really deep body of knowledge and feminine wisdom here.

Hundreds of women around the world have found meaningful and life changing transformation through this work. It really is time for us to reclaim the feminine in ourselves and in our lives. 

Are you ready for it now? Are you ready to shower yourself with deep, appreciative, sincere love for your shining self? 

This pivotal work needs to be done by us all at one point or another, thats why we are here, isnÄt it?! 

Taking good care of ourselves, understanding our bodies, our physical needs, the holistic spectrum that is required for feminine health, acknowledging both the body AND the soul. Menstruation, relationships, your connection with your feminine self and inner power. 

We will choose the topics that most suit your current needs and research what emerges for your unique journey. These are some of the areas that regularly emerge for women diving into the realm of the feminine within:

  • Feminine Health coaching – developing a sustainable and nourishing lifestyle for yourself 
  • Getting to know YOUR BODY! 
  • Listen to your soul 
  • Bringing deeper understanding to your needs, your self and your life 
  • Healing soul medicine for your pain, suffering, difficult life experiences and nurturing your personal healing journey 
  • You are worthy of this – Breaking old chains and destructive dynamics. 
  • Developing a functional and comprehensive Self Care plan
  • Healing for inner wounds – peel back the layers of the heart
  • Tenderness – contact the inner child & inner child healing
  • Grow self-esteem: investigate inner self-talk 
  • Work with rich and evocative imagery 
  • Bring attention to areas of nourishment  
  • Bring loving awareness to body-love and your relationship to food 

Welcome! 6 Session Women’s Coaching Online: 120 € per individual Session or 600 € for 6 Sessions / 100 € concession pay-as-you-go

Pregnancy Journey Online

Topics to choose from: 

  • Pregnancy support: Celebrating pregnancy & supporting your individual process 

  • Pregnancy & Birth Consultations: Education & information – getting clear on what you need and want 

  • Spiritual support: Meditations, Birth Affirmations, Connection with your baby in the womb 
  • Post Birth Integration: Support in integrating into your new life phase – talking about your birth experience 

As a feminine health, pregnancy and birth professional the support I provide is comprehensive and stems from years of clinical practice with women one-on-one. Some aspects of this work are possible online, to provide empowering support to your wherever you are. 

We bring together the world of body and soul, because this is what birth is. 

120 € per Session or 6 Session Pregnancy Journey Online: 600 Euro / 100 € concession pay-as-you-go


Mentorship for Feminine Professionals 

Are you a Feminine Health professional, on your path of becoming a professional in the feminine field, a birth professional, a facilitator, coach or healer and wishing for some personal support on YOUR journey with this work?

As a Trainer and Teacher for professionals, I create a mindful space that allows you to expand in your own field, a healing space for your own challenges and pain, a soulful space for your spiritual path and the emergence of your soul purpose. 

  • Mentorship for your work with women in the feminine field
  • Mentorship for Doulas starting out, for women beginning their life path in this field 
  • For new professionals: Discovering your vocation & career path of the soul 
  • Getting clear on your dreams AND following through! 
  • Your soul’s calling – mystical considerations of your life’s work 
  • Being true to yourself – following through on your mission in life – step by step. 

This work is for professionals. Mentorship is highly valuable and recommended to have a support in this deep and personal work that we are pioneering into the world as a collective. Both your own wellness (self-care, nourishment) and professional growth are pivotal in this field. 

As a new professional starting out on your journey you may have many questions, challenges and uncertainties. It takes courage to forge these pathways that are still new in our world. The focus is to support your soul to come into her fullest expression of truth, authenticity and power in this journey of a lifetime. As a seasoned healer, therapist, educator, trainer and birth professional,  I bring a lifetime of dedication to the creation of feminine professional pathways and in building the Women’s School constant immersion in this field. 

These times truly were made for us to step up and do the work that is so needed right now. 

120 € per Session or 6 Session Professional Mentorship Online: 600 Euro / 100 € concession pay-as-you-go

Conscious Conception – Fertility support 

The birth of a child is a vitally important one for mother and child’s health and wellbeing, a wildly spiritual and deeply personal process. 

In the Conscious Conception Sessions, we focus on the spiritual components of welcoming a child into your life and the practical pathways of health, wellbeing and nourishment. We dose the two in such a way that is perfect for your journey. 

This Session is for women wishing to prepare consciously for pregnancy and for women/couples experiencing fertility challenges. 

  • Support to conceive consciously and with the best foundations possible
  • Support on your fertility journey, and all the inner places this takes you 

Receive support in your wish to conceive a child : It is clear from scientific research that the period before conception may even have more impact on the lifelong health of the child than the pregnancy itself. The state of nourishment of your body and the well-being you experience prior to conception fundamentally influence the baby. You can take this opportunity to prepare for the magnitude of welcoming a new soul into your life and taking all the health aspects into consideration. Receive personal coaching for your life situation that includes body, mind & soul. 

Fertility : Receive support during the emotional process of conception when it is more difficult than you imagined it would be. Here we aim to allow both the spiritual and emotional processes to be present and give you the most loving field possible as you navigate your pathway of conception and fertility, with everything that this may entail.  There are no set outcomes for this work – it is intended as a supportive field to be present with all that is happening now.

Soul connections : You will have the opportunity to connect deeply to the soul of your child. In this journey of conscious conception, you will not only be opening to the essence of your child but opening a transformative spiritual gateway for yourself. We place importance on the gentle and sensitive, tender and intensive journey that conception often is, in all its forms. Couples are welcome!  

120 € per individual Session 

Spiritual Mentorship

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