Spiritual Gateways – further education for qualified professionals

Are you wishing to accompany women in a deeper way and access the spiritual dimension of the feminine pathways?

Would you like to grow your professional practice through spiritual skills ?

In the Spiritual Gateways program exactly this is possible.

Learn to understand the underlying spiritual principles in feminine health and rites of passage processes such as birth, death and personal transformation.

For: feminine health professionals, midwives, feminine centred natural health practitioners, medical practitioners, yoga teachers, group facilitators and all women professionals with Training in feminine health and wellbeing, psychotherapy or similar.

This is a specialised professional pathway Online individual Training for qualified professionals.

In this individualised tailored Training you will receive one-on-one in-depth Training that is applicable to your personal practice and professional pathway.

We need to arrange a personal meeting to see whether working together is a good fit.

I bring extensive professional experience in the spiritual fields within Women’s Health, pregnancy and birth, postnatal experiences, loss and Feminine Rites of Passage, as well as soul processes.

Our learning pathways encompass “the Stars” and “the Earth” – meaning that we draw from holistic Wisdom traditions and a wide spectrum of interfaith understandings. All our learning is based on your personal path, so there is a lot of open space to navigate in the way you need.

“The Stars” – understanding the journey of the soul, processes of birth and embodiment

“The Earth” – understanding the body, our relationship with life and transformative processes

Modalities that can be included in your personal tailor made Training:

  • Ritual, ceremony, group process and personal journey work
  • Rites of Passage work and Shamanic/Medicine Woman pathways
  • Angelic spiritual work
  • Soul based understanding, the journey of the soul
  • Earth based Spiritual Traditions
  • Feminine Spiritual Traditions
  • Understanding the new energies, “Star Energies” and the new children of this time
  • Growing through lessons of pain
  • Feminine Wounds and Healing
  • Our personal journeys as teachers and lessons
  • Body Wisdom & Soul Song
  • Your soul purpose


The modalities used are created according to your individual purposes:

  • Zoom conference calls
  • Pdf Manuscripts
  • Audio
  • Video

This is a highly specialised Training and application is required.

Only a very limited number of these apprenticeship style learning spaces are available.