Spiritual Midwifery Online

Spiritual Midwifery is the process of accompanying your personal journey and assisting in your embodiment and empowerment at all levels of your being: physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual.

This is deep work and encompasses many facets of life and of your self.

We include the tools that are needed at each specific time in your life. For example, the focus can be on practical aspects of your life, physical health, emotional health, spiritual empowerment and personal awakening. In this journey of inner growth, your soul becomes more and more manifest and alive in your daily life.

This is soul work that can be relevant to you during many stages of your life, particularly in times of Rites of Passage and deep change, transformation, and a yearning for inner development and empowerment. All my skills, knowledge, expertise and inner wisdom are utilised according to your process.

As a Midwife of the Soul creating safe space and speaking directly to your soul at a level of the soul are vital aspects of this work. This is highly specialised work which brings together a wide spectrum of feminine wisdom and human understandings.

First Session: 100 €

Further Sessions: 120 € per Session, or package of 6 (100 € per Session)

If you have any questions before booking in a First Session you can make an appointment for a free initial 20-minute personal call.

For new clients, it is always possible to arrange a first free meeting and have a chat. 

Specialised Online Sessions

Feminine  Empowerment & Healing Online

Specialised Sessions for women wishing to step into deeper levels of empowerment, heal feminine wounding and create space for your personal power, strength, depth, beauty, wisdom, vulnerability, truth and creative fire.

Focus on the feminine revolution ready to rise inside you.


Conception, Pregnancy and Birth Online

Specialised Sessions dedicated to the sensitive and transformative Rite of Passage that is the time of conception, pregnancy, birth and postnatal.

You receive high-quality information, education, advanced knowledge and wisdom in the birthing field, support for your inner and outer processes, spiritual work and in-depth resources tailored to your needs, holistic body wisdom and deep spiritual support, as well as practical tools.


Feminine Healing special for men (and all gender orientations) Online

Specialised sessions dedicated to men and all gender orientations to support deep feminine healing. These sessions can be for you to heal deep feminine wounding within yourself, to heal your relationship with the feminine, your relationship with women, your relationship with your mother, your relationship with your body, your relationship with the Earth and nature, your relationship with life, your deep intimate relationship with yourself and many other multi-faceted layers that live within you and vibrate with the feminine awakening happening at this time.

For all humans ready to step into deep layers of feminine healing and awakening.


Supporting Star Children & HSP special Online

Specialised sessions for people to understand the sensitive energies that live within them, which are bringing new frequencies to this Earth. The star energies are very specific frequencies of life that are coming to support the awakening of the feminine and the new birth happening on the planet at this time.

These sessions support people with very sensitive nervous systems (Highly Sensitive Person, star children, indigo children, crystal children, golden children) that require specialised understandings, tools and bring unique and special gifts.

Highly sensitive nervous systems are often the result of various overlapping processes individual to each person. One of the components that can magnify high sensitivity is a traumatic experience. Adequately supporting the consequences of trauma can be a beneficial step in stabilising the nervous system.

These sessions will result in a unique and individualised process of healing, empowerment and awakening, supporting you to live your gifts in the world.