Aeroplane wonderings … throughout my ongoing travels I have found the time in the air to be a special time. Something happens – things can shift, magic can happen, time, people and places align. In those times up in the air, our soul can create change in very particular magical ways –


A wisp of a face blowing in mid air. Bulky mass of soft, calm cotton wool.

Time passes.

As I look back upon the last months I feel gratitude. A wonderful moment in time. Gifts of so many new people and I see that being anything other than grateful is wasteful. The future comes quick enough and all we have to look back on through our time lines is cloud scales – puffs of life, untouchable, unreachable imaginations, dreams, fantastic artworks to ponder on.

But today we can sense, touch, allow, open.

Today we are stepping on one of those clouds as the plane stops and magic happens. Today we taste the unique taste of this particular cloud dream, step on air, walk in mists, blow winds, feel cool gusts or warm embracing arms of sun filled life source.

Tomorrow it is all but a dream, as we watch it in our minds eye, behind panes or murky glass, multicoloured rainbows or fragmented thoughts, distorting the memory, passing through –

lets linger here.

Lets linger now.

Lets stroke skin softly for hours.

Lets love life passionately.

Lets live more and dream less – as what we have lived today we can dream about tomorrow. Cloudscapes. So wondrous.

So sensual.

Stepping into cloud filled mystery each day, perhaps the sun will come out!

The clouds change. Change shape. Change size. Change colour. Change consistency.

So we can experience these changes and enjoy the diversity. Wonderful – walking up the hill in the sun. Wonderful – walking up the hill in the rain.

So we are soaring on these cloudscapes. Hopping on and off our life’s planes, that change the nature of time. Sometimes things take so long, and suddenly we are in a different time zone, and its all happened in a snip. In a snap. In a snapshot. To show someone at home.

But who can feel the sensual, alive, vibrant, authentic feeling of that snapshot in time?

Allow it in here and now, so your life journey can become an organic part of you. So you are a walking photo album, but an alive one. Where there is no time, where it is ALL happening NOW.

You are an organic alive expression of all the cloudscapes you have allowed IN, and so these cloudscapes have the room, space and freedom to change, move and live within you.

So your past is your present and your future and you can touch it within your heart and through your presence NOW.

As we live we can expand our „horizons“ and include more and more cloudscapes, we can step out of the plane and just become part of the sky, the never ending changing everything – always the same in essence.

And if we choose to step back on, we breathe in the cloudscapes and take them with us – passing onto the water mirrors of our souls.

I wrote this piece in spring 2008, on my way to Ecuador, on a totally new adventure and within a transitional time of great importance in my life. I did not have a camera during all my travels, with just a few snapshots that others took along the way, the images and colours, cloudscapes, landscapes and people are imprinted in the organic living photo album within my heart. In our fast moving times the intensity of allowing life to truly come in is one that I believe is sacred. My many travels have become embedded in my body, my thoughts, my soul, informing everything that I am and that I share, today. Thank you to Life!