Can we re-learn to rest?

Deciphering the modern mystery of true regeneration for city dwellers.
How important is regeneration to you?

This is a hot topic. A widely discussed topic. Its a real sign of our times that this topic needs to be talked about so much. And it does need to be talked about. That we have forgotten how to slow down, listen to the soul and be still.

How many of us go through life hopping from one thing to the next, one goal to the next, one experience to the next?

How many more are running in the famous hamster wheel, no time to stop, living the routines which ultimately lead to some kind of illness or disease, oftentimes the last warning sign, asking us, forcing us, urging us – to stop. Just for a moment, to breathe. How many people in Berlin today have schedules filled to the brim – with social and work engagements? How sustainable are they?

Slow is the new fast. Slowness is becoming trendy, in its own, not so underground way. After slow food came slow sex and now perhaps a slow living movement? When we slow down to the pulse of nature miraculous things can happen – we can begin to feel ourselves again.

The need for real rest and regeneration is possibly one of the most overlooked needs of humanity at this time. And a need that is growing in our cosmopolitain Berlin.

Rarely, if ever does modern man and society give space for what would be considered real regeneration.

Starting in childhood human beings around the globe are packed into systems within which we are required to function and perform. In places like Berlin, the never-ending playground of attractions leaves the mind full and cartwheeling with impressions.

The body is simultaneously being presented with an ever increasing level of environmental toxins in daily life, starting with the air that we breathe, continuing with the foods that we eat (and not everything human beings consume today may even still be classified as classical food), and ending with the massive amounts of chemicals present in almost every area of our modern lives.

What would regeneration actually mean?

Have you ever really experienced the type of regeneration which allowed you not only to feel fresh and revitalised for weeks, months or even years afterwards, but that had a sustained and continual positive impact on your entire life?

How many of us have the types of restful environments that allow for the kind of deep rest which encompasses body, soul, spirit and mind? My guess is that very many of us do not even know what this could potentially feel like. Real rest, real regeneration has become an unknown.

The kind of rest we are exploring here is the rest that seeps into your bones, the rest that makes your heart come alive, the rest that reminds your soul of who you are. This rest looks like a glowing human being – it really does shine through, literally.

I met a woman in the Italian mountains once, she was glowing with health and vitality. Her eyes were sparkling. In our conversation it became clear that she had been living in these mountains her entire life, walking every day. The difference in her whole physical and mental state of being was palpable. One does not find this kind of human being in the cities. How can we recapture and regain a higher quality of life living in urban environments? At the end of our conversation, walking down the mountain, I found out that she was in her mid-seventies. She was shining!

The processes of birth and death teach us much about the whole thing of being human.

Our beginnings and endings receive just about as much reverence and respect as our value and worth as human beings do. We are taught that our level of productivity, financial success and worldly achievements are a measure of our inherent worth. If this were the case then it would be a sad destiny for humankind. Luckily for us, we are so much more than the sum of our creations, achievements and successes or failures.

Daring to Stop

Daring to stop can be a pretty courageous and admirable endeavour in our current paradigm. What would that mean in the midst of work, study and family life? Daring to stop is first and foremost a daily non-activity and a mindset that we can begin discovering and playing with. Let’s see how many times a day we tend to allow distractions, input, information, activity and workloads sap the time out of our waking periods. How many empty spaces to you leave to be filled by nothing but your awareness. How many times do you allow the mind to be put on “pause” ? And how often do you allow yourself to truly do no thing – an empty space as a daily part of your life?

Creating space for magic

The deep rest and regeneration that I am talking about here is the kind that happens when we think we are getting bored. Boredom can be a good sign.

It is out of periods of “boredom” that highly creative projects can emerge.

Creativity, like birth, favours some space to come forth. Creativity also prefers not to be pushed and forced. In the same way we create space for our creations in the world – be it completing our workload, finishing a piece of writing for our studies, rehearsing for a performance or putting together a presentation – let us create space for space itself. Space for the sake of having some space. It is in this that we begin making room for magic.

Regeneration as a stepping stone to our dreams

Because we have been filled up to the brim with ideas, education and thoughts from outside ourselves – sometimes our entire lives – it is not always natural for us to hear our dreams clearly. And even when it has become natural, modern life can still have the power to grind us down at times.

Just as nature functions in cycles, so do we. Regeneration and rest are just as necessary as the active parts of life are. The question is – do we truly allow as much time for rest and regeneration as we do for the active part of life, and secondly, do we even know how to rest in a way that revives us?

Retreat in and around Berlin

Its because we somehow intuitively realise that we need more of that – empty, magic space, that retreats and time out are flourishing in the Berlin area. Surrounding this busy and colourful city are a multitude of country retreat centres that cater to a growing number of people wishing to recharge and rest, truly. As summer opens its arms to the sun hungry population, we have the chance to take some well deserved real rest and recharge.

Together with Simone Vitale (Musician, Composer, Producer, Sound Healer), Jaguar runs workshops and Retreats for Regeneration in and around Berlin.

New Zealand born, with European and South American heritage, Jaguar is currently based in Berlin, Germany. She has been living the Berlin dream for 3 years now.

During this 3 year period it has become so clear that one of the things seriously needed in an urban lifestyle is ongoing devotion to times of true rest and regeneration. As a devout nature lover and having lived in natural surroundings most of her life, it was a new thing to learn how to cultivate regenerative practices within a place as busy and fast as Berlin can be. Being a Women’s Health & Healing Professional, Educator, Writer and Doula, life was full.

Jaguar & Simone re-designed the Regenerative work to be most accessible for urban living. Coming from Rome, Simone was familiar with this city living and had already found his very own unique pathways to find peace within the noise, remaining still within the rush and listen truly with the heart.

Jaguar runs a Women’s Clinic in Berlin for general women’s health, pregnancy and birth and has established a Women’s School with ongoing educational/inspirational courses. International Skype consultancy for women and Online Training is available.

Simone creates Mindful Music – Meditation and Relaxation Music, Inspirational Soundscapes, Music of the Plants and Music for Pregnancy and Birth. He is also a Sound Healer. Following the call for an ethical approach to Art as a contribution to our re-connection with Nature. Promoting an ecology of sound and music where kindness and mindfulness are the keys to a deeper connection with ourselves and each other.

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