The Women’s Clinic, Tauranga 

This place is dedicated to YOU. To women. To soul.

We offer a wide spectrum of women’s centred spaces including feminine healing individual sessions, women’s health holistic therapies, soul work, pregnancy support, birth preparation and pregnancy circles. Couples and Families are welcome too!

In today’s world as a collective, we women are rising – reclaiming our voices, reclaiming our truth, reclaiming our bodies and our power.

We have many ways to work together with you and accompany your journey as a woman. Choose from the list below and find out more.

Our current location in Tauranga:

 2/12 Cypress St, Judea, Tauranga 3110

Womb Care

Body & Soul healing for women

  • Womb Healing
  • Women’s Health Holistic Therapies
  • Feminine Healing – body and soul
  • Menstrual health
  • Honouring your womanhood


Pregnancy & Birth

Support for pregnancy, birth & beyond

  • Holistic support in your pregnancy
  • Deep body and soul preparation for your birth
  • Specialised Birth Trauma Healing Sessions



Soul Work 

Birthing your Soul – spiritual support on your life path 

There are pivotal times in our lives when new birth emerges inside our very own selves.

Receive spiritual midwifery support for your personal soul process. Shining your unique light into the world.

Birth is an archetypal energy that arises within all women – regardless of whether you come to birth children or not, you are birthing life from within.


Pregnancy Circles

Pregnancy in Tauranga, New Zealand

Women of the Earth – Pregnancy Circles 

Monthly pregnancy circles in Tauranga

Inspirational and positive pregnancy resources, information and meditation. Each circle includes elements of movement and creativity.


Ritual Design

Connecting People – Cultivating Meaning

Personalised, curated Rituals for your intimate celebration, special occasion or larger event.

  • Blessing Way (before birth)
  • Postbirth Mexican Ceremony (after birth)
  • Spiritual Ceremony and Mindful Music for Weddings


Conscious Conception

Conscious Conception – Fertility support 

This Session is for women wishing to prepare consciously for pregnancy and for women/couples experiencing fertility challenges.

  • Support to conceive consciously and with the best foundations possible
  • Support on your fertility journey, and all the inner places this takes you


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