Cranio Sacral Therapy for women

Feminine Embodiment  

Womb & Menstrual Healing

Birth Trauma Healing  

Women’s Healing & Coaching Services 

Highly Sensitive Person specialised support 





Women’s Health & Healing 


In person Services : 

The Women’s Clinic in Auckland, New Zealand. Internationally depending on travel schedules. 

Healing for your body, mind, heart & soul  

Cranio Sacral & Body Therapies – psychosomatic awareness for women, Coaching, Consultation, Feminine Wisdom, Massage & Healing.  

The healing modality used in the Women’s Clinic is framed around psychosomatic awareness  – we work in interconnection with the body, the psyche and the soul. Allowing space to connect with the body and with what you are feeling. 

We focus on honouring the feminine, honouring your body, honouring your soul.

Cranio Sacral Therapy and body awareness modalities are used in conjunction with inner work, natural health consultation, nutritional, womb massage, trauma support and feminine healing practices as needed by each individual. 


Supporting your journey into greater health, wellbeing, self love and self confidence. Healing for women.   

A truly safe and sacred space for women and the Feminine Rites of Passage. 

Here we take care of your well-being at various levels. 

Get in touch to see how we can best support your needs.


More about Rites of Passage : 

The journey of womanhood is a rich one and it has become a complex one in today’s world.

Rites of Passage are the phases and events in life that change us, teach us, transform us and mature us into women and into our full human capacities. The major Rites of Passage like our menstruation, our sexuality and becoming pregnant, birth and death are clear and tangible to us all. 

Rites of Passage are more than these times in our lives though – our Rites of Passage can come dressed as difficult life events, illness, changes in profession, sudden crisis, relationship issues, our bodies calling out to us in her many languages. 

 Rites of Passage seek us through yearning for more embodiment, craving wholeness, searching for more health and vitality and opening to greater self love.  

Integrating difficult life events and finding new ways of relating to yourself and the world can all be Rites of Passage that are not simply events which we deal with – somehow – but times in our lives that take us to deep resources and ultimately bring us closer to life itself.

Healing from many forms of trauma can be such a gateway.

Resolving your own birth trauma, post birth integration or post- misscarriage and post-abortion support. 

Heart healing after separation, understanding past family dynamics to prepare for or cultivate a wholesome and loving couple relationship. 

All heart centred issues can take us on incredible Rites of Passage to the core of our hearts deepest essence.  

Come on this journey into your personal feminine health and healing – Rites of Passage are meant to be times of deep soul growth. 




The packages may include some or all of the following feminine health & healing tools:

Cranio-sacral Therapy for Women

Womb Care


Psychosomatics Education

Trauma support

Soul Based counselling & inner work

Holistic Health Care

Feminine Power, menstruation & sexuality

Tools for change and times of crisis

Accessing your own deep inner wisdom

Heart healing work & relationship counselling

Relationship based integrative work

Vocational coaching

Feminine wisdom

Shamanic pathways

Emotional Healing processes

High sensitivity, tenderness and Intuition




Ritual, Ceremony, Song

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