These wonderful people contribute to some of our programmes, products or special offers.

Together we form a collective of human beings working together in creative partnership. 


Simone Vitale 

Sound Healer, Musician, Composer 

Visual Artist & Graphic Designer

Simone has developed a unique approach to the world of sound which is all about the golden light of the soul. 

He has a 30 years experience in the field of music (music production, recording, composition, arrangements). He is also  Sound Healer and Vocal Yoga teacher. The last 5 years have taken him around the world in India, New Zealand and all around Europe. Additionally Simone is a talented visual artist. He created the graphic design for “Lichtgeburt” and our promotional material, as well as some of the images used. Simone provides specialised SOUND HEALING THERAPY for pregnancy, birth and within our joint Programme of Cranio-Sacral therapy & Sound Healing for deep regeneration. 

Together we facilitate Family & Community Rituals, Retreats and special events. Our joint work of CONSCIOUS RELATIONSHIP Workshops is at the heart of our work with couples. We collaborate in a myriad of different ways, Simone being the man who supports this project with heart, soul, mind and lots of time and energy (and great food!).

Christa Carrell – Online Programmes Team 

Tea Lady and Wholesome Healthcare.  

Christa is a professional health & nutritional advisor. 

She has spent her life discovering and practicing natural healthcare and food medicine for herself and her family. 

Her knowledge and relationship with herbal teas, plant based medicine and a wholesome lifestyle run very deep. This is real Wise Woman Wisdom at its best. Gardening, a personal ongoing relationship with the earth herself and deep spiritual study have taken Christa on an ongoing path with spirituality, nature, natural healthcare and its practical applications.

Christa creates the Wellness Reports based on the wholesome and grounded approach of the Wise Woman Ways.  


Jenny Haas – Wohlhüter 

The wonder filled Dressmaker (Shop)

Young Dressmaker and mother of two children based by Lake Konstanz in Southern Germany.

Developing some very special things in collaboration with Jaguar. We have some magic happening. 

Our paths crossed many moons ago when we were both in tailoring apprenticeship. It is a blessing to be creating together on items that serve women on their most sacred of journeys. 

Jenny has completed Fashion Design School and owns her own Dressmaking company “Kiko”.