Would you like to discover your own unique soul gifts?

Do you wish walk your unique and personal feminine spiritual path?

Online & in person  


Midwife of the Soul Mentorship 

Deep individual coaching and mentorship to support you in aligning with your soul truth.

As a soul midwife I hold the capacity to assist in the birthing of your unique soul qualities and am able to offer insight and guidance that touches what is truly meaningful for you at a level of soul.  “Spiritual midwifery” means supporting each woman to come fully into her soul path and purpose in this life time. We are the pioneers of the feminine happening in our world now. 

These Sessions will awaken new qualities within you, strengthen your talents and gifts, support transformation and change and generally bring that which wishes to grow in this lifetime to the forefront of your development.

The process emerges naturally and organically and in total accordance with your uniqueness.

Your soul uniqueness is honoured and magnified. Are you a UNIQUE-CORN too? 


Feminine Rites of Passage Mentorship 

Processes of deep change require support and loving attention. 

As you enter and exit your personal rites of passage you have a sacred place of support here. 

Spiritual Companionship & Shamanic Pathways for your personal journey. 

 Common Rites of Passage are :

  • Processes of loss and grief (including abortions, miscarriage, death of a loved one)
  • Starting your career, wanting to change your career path
  • Health journeys & challenges – the body as the teacher 
  • Pain & Trauma experiences 
  • Menstrual journeys 
  • Coming into adulthood for young women 
  • Birth
  • Sexuality 

 These topics are frequently deeply explored within The Women’s School open classes 


Spiritual Pregnancy & Birth Mentorship – 

the power of pregnancy and birth as authentic spiritual pathways.

Discover the hidden inner gateways within this sacred Feminine Rite of Passage. 

Walking with you into the center of the mysteries within conception, pregnancy and birth. 

In person meetings are available too