Journey of the three hearts

The perfect relaxation journey for couples during pregnancy and parents of young children, connecting all three hearts or more, as large as your family happens to be.


Opening to prayer

If you are longing for more connection or just need a reminder of the importance of prayer this is one of the series of journeys connecting to the state of prayer through the body.

The ancient wisdom

As we enter the realms of the ancients we are able to be in touch with that which is ancient and wise within ourselves. The ancient wisdom journey endeavours to make precisely this voyage into a personal and collective universal knowledge. Melodic soundscapes carry the voyagers on their quest.

Relaxation music for Pregnancy and birth

This album has been conceived to help create Sacred Space and it is especially aimed at accompanying the delicate and precious time of Pregnancy and Birth.
The deep relaxation and healing quality of this music can help mothers (and fathers) to be to connect with their hearts and enter an inner space of love and compassion…

The Birth Dress

(Das Geburtskleid)

Do you wish for a special dress that you can wear at your birth? 

Would you like to experience sacred rituals and have your very own ceremonial robe? 

The dresses are handmade, organic, comfortable, unique, one-of-a-kind and BEAUTIFUL.

You can choose between the “simple dress” which is our “Birthdress” foundational design, “Ceremonial Birthdress” which you can also wear to your special ceremonies like the Blessingway and the “Personalised Edition” which allows you to create your very own version.

The Story :

We met many many years ago in our tailoring apprenticeship and became dear friends. After several beautiful adventures we both walked our own paths, Jenny furthering her profession in fashion through Design School (and the Hugo Boss Fashion award!) and Jaguar traveling to New Zealand to study in the healing professions.

When Jaguar came back to Germany in the last years we had the chance to reconnect and rekindle the love & creative spirit between us – with our many meeting points in heart, soul & creativity. It was in this way that we have come together to bring you the Birth Dress – an idea that grew from Jaguar’s work with women and that we have now developed together for you.

With Love

Jenny & Jaguar

Prices : Email us – basic fee 150 € and upwards depending on design, colours, accessories.