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The Sacred Rose Circle Initiation is a year long Training which takes you through the mystical initiations of the sacred feminine for the facilitation, guardianship and leadership of beautiful, inspirational and warm sacred women’s circles.

The power of this year long Training lies in the combination of inner personal initiations and growth, with information, comprehensive outlines, detailed structure and in depth support that allows you to expand within yourself, embody more of the Rites of Passage of feminine wisdom and learn to hold sacred women’s circles in a held container within which you can integrate your learning.

I feel so connected to my femininity. It’s like a mantel of protection of and for all women throughout all the times and ages” – Melissa, U.S.A., Sacred Rose Initiation participant

A personal journey which allows you to deeply embody the teachings and pass through your own rites of passage whilst leading other women into sacred circle process.

Become a certified Sacred Rose Circle facilitatress!

This is a powerful and growthful year long training which guides you through special feminine Rites of Passage and initiations, allowing you to embody, embrace and experience the art of feminine circle work in its mystical roots.

  • What does it mean to run a sacred women’s circle?
  • What is “sisterhood”
  • What do women today need from a women’s circle?
  • What do you wish for on your journey of personal growth as a woman?

Discover the answers to these questions…

Would you like to join the feminine revolution happening globally and work with women in an inspiring and beautiful way?

Sacred Circles are a powerful medicine of our times.

The Online Training includes the following components :
  • Manuscripts with course material and full Circle Outline. Beautiful and comprehensive circle pathways especially formulated for women’s awakening
  • Monthly Online Group Q & A Session & preparing the Circle (audio provided if you miss the meeting).
  • Online course material (video, audio) preparation for each circle topic. In depth preparation and information & email communication prior to each circle.
  • Feedback Email after you led your monthly circle. You are required to provide full & detailed feedback of your experience for certification
  • Bonus material

For certification :

  • Three personal Online meetings with Jaguar in the mandatory module topics that require direct personal contact

Recommended (not obligatory): 

  • It is recommended to book at least one additional individual Mentorship Session a month.
Each module cycle is one month long and the Training is 12 months long – we have a holiday break around the middle & integration time.
Includes Sacred Rose Circle Ritual methods!
After the initial certified 12-month Training you have the opportunity to receive 1 – 3 months personalized mentorship to grow into your very own unique soulful sacred circle leadership qualities.
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The topics of the one year training are:

0. Preparation 

A set time frame to prepare for your journey ahead. 
We cover important preliminary topics, introduce key pillars of sacred women’s circles and explore your personal WHY for your Calling to this sacred work.
Since we are currently in a special period of women’s circles reawakening big time on the planet, lets give the creation, learning, deep personal work and collective healing the time, space and understanding it truly deserves.
Receiving your vision; Clearing and cleansing processes.
The Sacred Rose Initiations hold within them very mystical personal processes that are between you, your soul and life itself.
What we provide here at the Women’s School is a safe container within which your transformation and soul work can happen.
You will find that large parts of the Training are true inner learning. Here we prepare for that with some personal preparation practices.

1. Facilitating Sacred Space 

We dive into the heart topics –
trust, self love, self worth, and into the Art of Holding Sacred Space. 
We come to understand safe space, boundaries and foundational knowledge about trauma.
Heart themes such as learning through friendship, the healing of competition between women and the understanding of safe space are covered in our material.
Containment and the art of safe space are key learning components.
We awaken the energetic sacred space we all hold within as women. 
  • The power of your uniqueness as a Sacred Keeper of Feminine Circle, the power of intimate relationship and communication from the heart, connection and communication through the soul are elements we explore within this module.
A three fold process 
The first three modules serve as an alchemical container to create the fertile sacred bowl which will nourish your personal initiation journey into deep remembering of your Sacred Calling.
The Art of Sacred Circle is ancient, you have this wisdom in your bones and the time has come for you to remember – which happens through inner Initiations of your soul.
Feminine Leadership is an emerging form of community leadership within which wisdom is shared, remembered together – in alignment with the earth’s rhythms and in honouring the magical light of each one of our souls. The Circle is a pivotal element of feminine centred learning, leadership and togetherness.
We explore both the feminine mysteries, the every day life needs of women gathering in circle in our modern world and the deeper themes that are running through our collective awareness at this time.
In the Circle creation itself you will have the option of facilitating a simpler or more in depth Circle on the module topic.

2. The Heart of the Feminine – entering the chambers of Love

      Deep dive into the world of the Sacred Rose – and the chambers of the heart and womb.
We discover the waters of the womb and the art of clearing our emotional waters.
This is an emotionally connecting and healing month for you as your travel through the module theme.
We dive into pure Shakti power, understanding collective trauma and healing in this area, including a healing ritual for the womb.
The heart-womb connection, Intuition and the power of womb wisdom, our Yoni (Vagina, Womb and Ovaries) and her depths and beauty.
  • Initiation into the ORIGINS of your sacred work with women’s circles and your unique soul path with this Calling.
The topics that emerge this month are frequently those that are asking for further healing in your own relationship with the Feminine within yourself.
The Sacred Feminine Lineage within yourself is reawakened.
In the Circle creation itself you will have the option of facilitating a simpler or more in depth Circle on the module topic.
– 1 Live Call with Jaguar is required in this module

3. The Great Mother 

 Archetypes and lessons of the soul; finding your Goddess Key; Encountering the Great Mother
Here we enter into a deeper personal initiation and growth process with your own personal journey into the ancient feminine wisdom. We understand more deeply what the Great Mother is, and how she relates to Time, Cycles of Time, Death and Rebirth.
We connect with the earth, the reawakening of the Mother Energy and SHAKTI within us.
Healing practices and self care are an important aspect of this module. Embodiment practices as we uncover the archetypes of Maiden, Mother and Crone within ourselves.
A closer look in various feminine archetypal energies and for example the Goddess Lalita Devi.
In the Circle creation itself you will have the option of facilitating a simpler or more in depth Circle on the module topic.

4. The Sun and The Moon

    Awakening inner perceptions; Priestess-hood
Understanding the ancient paths of the Priestesses – and what the Priestess path was about.
Awakening the Moon Priestess and our magical connection with the moon.
Priestess preparation practices, initiating you into your sacred women’s circle work in this lifetime. 
Igniting the Sun Energy within.
Igniting the Moon Energy within.
– 1 Live Call with Jaguar is required in this module
In the Circle creation itself you will have the option of facilitating a simpler or more in depth Circle on the module topic.

5. Initiations of the Moon

    Encountering the energy of the Moon; Menstruation & guardian animal journey 

– What does the Moon mean for you?

– Which energies do you associate with the Moon?
– How in touch are you with the rhythms and cycles of nature ?
– How able are you to flow with the changes in life?
– Do you know your silent place within?
– Are you able to be receptive to your inner voice?
– Are you willing to explore the shadows within your being?
A deep dive into our crimson tide and her sacred cycles, flows and initiations. 
In the Circle creation itself you will have the option of facilitating a simpler or more in depth Circle on the module topic.

 6. Wisdom of the Body

    Healing the body; Golden light and earth healing; earth based ritual.

Our bodies are our temples, our sacred ground and an expression of our soul.

Through our bodies it is that we experience the world, feel other humans bodies and experience intimate connection.

Our bodies produce hormones that allow us to feel love, feel loved and feel joy. On the other hand hormones that express sadness and fear.

Our bodies and her reactions, sensations and state of being are a mirror of many elements of our subconscious self and our soul.



In this modern world we have almost all been collectively brainwashed to objectify the body in one way or another. The body “is meant to” look like this or that, behave like this or that.

In fact our body is a beautiful expression of ourselves and the many functions of the body are expressions of various aspects of our own consciousness. So for example the emotions themselves can influence our hormones and of course the hormones influence our emotions. It is a dance.

In this dance us women today have often lost the friendship and love for our bodies. The body doesn’t look or do as we like or prefer.

Our body image effects our sense of self esteem, our relationships with our bodies effect our mental and physical health.

How we feel in our bodies effects our ever day experience.

  • Connecting with the deep knowing in the body.
  • Dance practices.
  • Healing Light for the body.
In the Circle creation itself you will have the option of facilitating a simpler or more in depth Circle on the module topic.

 7. Sexual Fire and Inner Flame

Uniting your passions with self-discipline; Creating an inner fire for your deepest dreams and yearning to come forward
– Sacred Sexual Power – feminine embodiment
– Dancing the dance of the inner fire.
– Yogini practices for activating your inner fire.
– The power of your uniqueness.
– The healing of our feminine power in our Vagina, Yoni (vagina, womb, ovaries) and sensuality.
– Sensuality practices for daily life.
In the Circle creation itself you will have the option of facilitating a simpler or more in depth Circle on the module topic.

8. Cycles of Womanhood – Cycles of the Earth

Seasonal rhythms; The art of creativity, earth wisdom and magic in everyday life
Allow yourself to remember your women’s wisdom, the ancient ways of women, our relationship with the earth and with each other.
Recollect the arts of making, weaving, binding and healing in our sacred union with nature, the earth, the stars and all that we are as a circle of women.
Understand the rhythms of life, of nature and of ourselves through the lessons of the earth and the creative processes of birth, life and death. Know the seasons.
Awaken the magic of life in your bones, blood and cells, vibrating in rhythm and atunement with the universe and all of who you are. Allow rest, allow life, allow regeneration, allow the processes of deep feminine healing and allow yourself to blossom and bloom when the time has come.
In the Circle creation itself you will have the option of facilitating a simpler or more in depth Circle on the module topic.

9. Circle of Prayer – completion of a cycle

Coming home; Becoming a sacred vessel

The sacredness of completing a cycle of deep growth, learning and healing.
Gathering the harvest – opening to the heavens – learning to receive.
This is a mystical process between you and the earth, heaven and your soul.
Practicing prayer. 
In the Circle creation itself you will have the option of facilitating a simpler or more in depth Circle on the module topic.
– 1 Live Call with Jaguar is required in this module
Integration time & personal mentorship Sessions

An experiential journey of inner learning and inspirational material to grow your personal and professional sacred circle work.

To begin with we cover some important and relevant topics such as:

  • Women’s Circles today – the feminine movement internationally, authentic connection, vulnerability, understanding trauma, collective healing, multicultural & cross-cultural awareness
  • Scope of practice and safety within leadership of women’s circles
  • The power of true feminine leadership
  • Group facilitation principles and applications
  • “The Simple Circle” – sharing, communication, togetherness
  • Body, movement and breath practices
  • Artistry and ritual making tools
  • Poems and songs in women’s circles and as healing tools
  • Altar building and using sacred tools introduction
  • Teas, scents and colours in sacred women’s circle context

For certification: 

The certified process requires a detailed summary each month and regular feedbacks from the women attending your circles.

Timeframe: You have up to 2 years from the commencement of the Training (2018 – 2019) to complete the facilitation of your Sacred Rose Circles and provide written summaries, as well as feedback from the women attending your classes.

This means you can complete the Training Modules in your own time and take a months break if you need it.

All modules are provided within the regular 12 month Training time frame, extensions of your training time are best communicated to The Women’s School, as well as the personal Mentorship Sessions associated with each topic module.

For your personal Mentorship you are required to book 3 Sessions minimally in the mandatory modules which require one-on-one personal contact. For the certified Training we highly recommend receiving additional Mentorship with one Session per module.

Personal Creative Process – Create Your Unique format, outlines and structures 

Optional Mentorship Integration after the 12-month Initiation Training 

This component of the Training is recommended as an integration process.
You complete your personal journey when you are ready – you can receive between 1 and 12 personal mentorship Sessions after the completion of your certification process to support you coming into your unique expression and taking your work to the world!
This is the time frame when you develop your very own unique women’s circle frameworks.
The Sacred Rose Circle Initiations material and structures can serve as an opening into your own personal creation and can also be used long term as outlines for your work with women. All the material provided can be used for your work in sacred circle with women.
As long as you use the Sacred Rose Circle outlines within your Training time, please refer to your circles as “Sacred Rose Circles”.

Hi, my name is Jaguar and I have been involved in sacred women’s circles since I was 19.

Today, more than ever women around the world are desiring to remember, reawaken and recollect the pearls of ancient wisdom inherent within sacred circle work.

A lifetime Calling, a soul yearning, a heartfelt wish – what draws you to this work is pure magic.

The Mother of all things is the Guardian of this work and it is a humble privilege to share what I am able to transmit and offer to this field of healing in the world.

May your path with women’s circle work be filled with grace, growth, epiphanies, blossoming, wisdom, love and a fuelling of your personal passion and deeper soul purpose.

It is with great love that I offer these pearls of wisdom to your world.

May your work be blessed by The Mother.

With all my heart,




Jaguar’s Sacred Rose Circle Training is a deep dive into the very essence of the Divine Feminine both for yourself as the circle holder, and for the women blessed to attend your circles.

This training takes you on the most beautiful journey to the depths of your soul as you explore each topic through deep personal work cradled in the safe hands of Jaguar.

Her sessions are so nurturing, insightful, beautiful, supportive, and full of so much heart and love.

I felt that I had embodied each circle topic, so could ‘hold’ the space in a deeper place of knowing. On top of the embodiment of the circle topic, the outline she provides gave me the comfort I needed to lead the circle.

The meditations she provides for the circle are so beautiful and powerful.

I have been able to take my learnings from Jaguar’s Sacred Rose Circle Training into the essence of life, far beyond the time in circle…from creating sacred space, to working with the energies of the moon and my cycle, embodying goddess energies and archetypes, a deeper appreciation and integration of the magic and power of crystals and the chakras, and the precious gift of community.

The community of sisters created from a Sacred Rose Circle is like no other – a beautiful sisterhood of the heart. I urge every woman to open their hearts to the sweet Divine scent of the Sacred Rose – allow Jaguar to take you, and the women blessed to attend your circles on a journey to your very essence.

I personally will be eternally grateful for the beauty of the Sacred Rose that Jaguar has brought into my life, and the lives of the women who touch my life so deeply. – Jo, New Zealand

Will you join the Sacred Rose Circle Training 2018?

This Training is a beautiful way for women around the world to teach Women’s Sacred Rose Circles with outlines that open and access the deep essence of the feminine.

The process is an awakening one for you, within which you will gather the key points needed to be a facilitator for sacred circles.

You will create one sacred circle a month following the given outline, bringing your own flavour to it!

The monthly group meetings accompany your personal and facilitation process. The topics have been selected as the pivotal ones to bring you into the birthing of your facilitation role, as well as using the manuscript outlines as you wish, should you like to continue hosting the same topic in cycles of 9 months this is powerful work. This Training gives you all the foundational building blocks to provide powerful, soulful and healing sacred women’s circle work. 
The individual mentorship Sessions each month are recommended to support your journey, as this work takes us deep into feminine territory and personal awakening processes.
In your individual Session you receive personalised support for your journey.