Our Sacred Rose Facilitate-tress Training is currently FULLY BOOKED. This Cycle has already commenced. 

You can pre-book your spot for the next Training Cycle  NOW.

Next Training Cycle starts 21.12.17!  

A personal – process which allows you to deeply embody the teachings and pass through your own rites of passage whilst leading other women into sacred circle process. Become a certified Sacred Rose Circle facilitatress!

The Online Training includes the following components : 
  • Manuscripts with course material and full Circle Outline. Beautiful and comprehensive circle pathways especially formulated for women’s awakening 
  • Monthly Online Group Q & A Session & preparing the Circle (audio provided if you miss the meeting).
  • Online course material (video, audio) preparation for each circle topic. In depth preparation and information & email communication prior to each circle. 
  • Feedback Email after you led your monthly circle. You are required to provide full & detailed feedback of your experience for certification. 
  • Bonus material 

Recommended (not obligatory): 

  • It is recommended to book at least one additional individual Mentorship Session a month
Each module cycle is one month long and the Training is 12 months long – we have a holiday break around the middle & integration time.  
Includes Sacred Rose Circle Ritual methods! 
After the initial certified 12-month Training you have the opportunity to receive 1 – 3 months personalized mentorship to grow into your very own unique soulful sacred circle leadership qualities.
 Next Training Cycle : 21.12.17 start. 

Optional Mentorship Integration after the 12-month Training 

This component of the Training is recommended as an integration process.
You complete your personal journey when you are ready – you can receive between 1 and 6 personal mentorship Sessions after the completion of your certification process to support you coming into your unique expression and taking your work to the world! 
This is the time frame when you develop your very own unique women’s circle frameworks. The Sacred Rose Circle Initiations can serve as an opening into your own personal creation or can be used long term as outlines for your work with women. 
The topics are:
0. Preparation 
A set time frame to prepare for your journey ahead. 
1. Facilitating Sacred Space 
    Receiving your vision; Clearing and cleansing processes
2. The Heart of the Feminine – entering the chambers of Love 
    Deep dive into the world of the Sacred Rose 
3. The Great Mother 
    Archetypes and lessons of the soul; finding your Goddess Key; Encountering the Great Mother
4. The Sun and The Moon
    Awakening inner perceptions; Priestesshood
5. Initiations of the Moon
    Encountering the energy of the Moon; Menstruation & guardian animal journey 
6. Wisdom of the Body
    Healing the body; Golden light and earth healing; earth based ritual 
7. Sexual Fire and Inner Flame
    Uniting your passions with self-discipline; Creating an inner fire for your deepest dreams and yearning to come forward
8. Cycles of Womanhood – Cycles of the Earth
    Seasonal rhythms; The art of creativity, earth wisdom and magic in everyday life
9. Circle of Prayer – completion of a cycle
    Coming home; Becoming a sacred vessel
Integration time & personal mentorship Sessions 

This Training is a beautiful way for women around the world to teach Women’s Sacred Rose Circles with outlines that open and access the deep essence of the feminine. The process is an awakening one for you, within which you will gather the key points needed to be a facilitator for sacred circles. You will create one sacred circle a month following the given outline, bringing your own flavour to it! 

The monthly group meetings accompany your personal and facilitation process. The topics have been selected as the pivotal ones to bring you into the birthing of your facilitation role, as well as using the manuscript outlines as you wish, should you like to continue hosting the same topic in cycles of 9 months this is powerful work. This Training gives you all the foundational building blocks to provide powerful, soulful and healing sacred women’s circle work, in the form of Sacred Rose Circles. 
The individual mentorship Sessions each month are recommended to support your journey, as this work takes us deep into feminine territory and personal awakening processes. In your individual Session you receive personalised support for your journey. 
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