Crystal Clear – a Women’s Holy Retreat

I Love You Retreats Summer 2018

Special Retreats for soulful people.

Feminine Mystical Retreats.

This is a space for you to come to and allow yourself to open to the tenderness, softness and gentleness of your being.

It is a Retreat held in the intention of nourishing your soul, allowing an inner birth to take place and the safe, protected space that is necessary for this kind of process.

The location is a luscious retreat in New Zealand – in touch with the wildness and beauty of nature.

Our Retreats are accompanied by vibrant foods, selected in accordance with participants needs, at a very high quality. We bring together the wisdom of nourishing medicine and the energetic aspects of food and how this influences spiritual processes.

Individual work 

Personalised Midwife of the Soul support is available to you in the Retreat



We will be offering a one week Sacred Women’s Retreat to come into the Crystal Clear awareness and living of your soul, a deep birth of aspects within yourself that needs a special setting to come forward. Here you have that special setting. Summer March 2018.

The energies of New Zealand support processes of soul birth. It is a land that reflects the womb of the earth mother. The vibrant green, aliveness and wilderness bring subtle and tangible healing medicine for your body and being.

You will be accompanied and held by Jaguar, an experienced midwife of the soul and Retreat process facilitator. I have extensive international experience in facilitating and guiding deep spiritual awakening retreats in New Zealand, South America and Europe.

This is a spiritual awakening retreat for women.


For couples there is the opportunity to gather and spend a weekend together in intimate union with nature, your soul and regenerating your body. The perfect setting should you wish to prepare for any important project, creative endeavour or conscious conception of a child.

We support you to generate a nourishing field for your next steps. Bringing healing and sensitivity of awareness into your holy space.

Your guides will be Jaguar, Midwife of the Soul

& Simone Vitale, Healing Music


Frankreich - Women's Retreat - Maria Magdalena - Sommer 2018