Women's Health

Women’s health involves a multitude of factors. Full education and awareness of our innate anatomy and physiology, self directed care of our beautiful bodies, a deeper understanding of how our bodies function and what the various cycles of womanhood are all about can be of immense value for any woman walking her path in todays world. It is time that we reclaim our responsibilities of our own health and bodies. Informed choices and self directed decision making about our healthcare are a vital key to empowered health processes.

Womens bodies are far more than just a physiological and anatomical structure that we live within. They are the temple of our soul. Our soul expresses herself through our bodies, and our bodies express themselves through our soul. Each woman has her unique journey with her body and her health.

Womens health includes strengthening tools like our self esteem, animal instincts and our intuition, so that we are fully present and able to face even difficult choices around our feminine health. We can remember how to be in deeper contact with our bodies, how to listen to our bodies wisdom and understand its oftentimes symbolic language.

Part of any foundational health care are basics that keep coming back to us – healthy food, sleep, rest, movement, fresh air, time out, social contacts, a sustainable form of income, love & laughter.

Depending on our life phase and circumstances these things can be very different and our needs and capacities can change – sometimes dramatically. Listening in and being aware of what truly replenishes and nourishes us – and not necessarily following the latest health trends or what our friends and family do – are part and parcel of becoming in tune with our own rhythms.

Understanding feminine processes such as menstruation, fertility pregnancy and birth are another aspect of self care. Truly honouring these sacred rites of passage are as much part of health care as anything else. Women do have different bodies and often times different needs than men.

Here at Lichtgeburt we make sure to cover all the basics, educate around important aspects of feminine health and then dive into your personal journey with your unique health care needs.

We take a holistic approach which includes heart, womb & soul, body, mind and spirit.


Healing can mean so many different things. Looking closely at what our own personal journey is about and infusing all aspects of it with soul are powerful tools that bring us in contact with our whole being. Wholeness is an evolving process that takes different shapes and forms as we grow and develop.

Healing is a beautiful journey filled with the whole spectrum of what life is and embracing our human-ness as well as our divinity.

Our journey of Healing is a beautiful coming closer to our own inner wisdom and power. Healing in this sense is not a “fix it” approach. It is a willingness to lean in rather than move away – from yourself. Accepting the challenges along the way, coming into a greater understanding of yourself and the learning that comes with being who you are. Healing wounds from our past and bringing gentle and fierce wisdom to our life stories has the potential to shift, transform and catalyse us into new paradigms which are more aligned with our soul and allow us to embody our selves fully.

Pregnancy and Birth

Pregnancy and birth are far more than the parts of physiology, sacred period of life, medicine and spiritual experience. As a whole it is a feminine RITE OF PASSAGE, which deserves to be honoured fully in its rich spectrum of differences in experience. We will each encounter this time in our own way.

At Lichtgeburt we bring feminine health and healing, your unique personal spiritual awareness and a deep appreciation of this potent time in a womans life to the forefront. We include the body and the soul, the heart and the womb, the psyche and the mind. Depending on your desired pathway we create a supportive environment to journey step by step into your rites of passage.

Working through fear, cultivating trust, being good to your body and building a relationship with your body, making empowered, informed choices for yourself during the process, increasing wellness and health, diving into the transformative processes that pregnancy brings.

There are various possibilities for you to deepen into more of what pregnancy can be for you and your family – exploring the depths of the world of pregnancy and birth. It has the potential to bring healing to old wounds, opening to embracing even more of who you are, discovering new aspects of yourself and the chance to walk this journey as a spiritual journey if you would like to.

During this time you can strengthen the contact with your own soul and the soul of your child, appreciation of the sacred nature of this time, receive nurturing, loving care and empowering perspectives for your pregnancy and birth. Meditation, mindfulness and body centred awareness are some of the tools that can cultivate joy, increase wellbeing and prepare you for your birth.

Spirituality is something happening within us all every moment – not a far flung concept taught by someone out there. It is powerfully present in these special times of pregnancy and birth.

I have traversed the world of birth from a few different professional perspectives and through my own eyes as a woman. I have tried on the doula-coloured glasses, taken time to look though midwifery coloured glasses, spent years wearing the spiritual birth perspective glasses – also each in various different cultural and social contexts around the world. These are all just glasses and viewpoints on an archetypal process that touches all parts of our being as a woman, and that touches all parts of the childs being, an experience that is filled with nature and soul, with the very own personal aroma of what this rite of passage is for YOU. Lichtgeburt is about the wider perspective of what this journey means for you and your child from a deeper place of awareness.

We provide a beautiful treasure box of tools and perspectives that can enrich your life and open new doorways.

Embodiment practice

Embodiment practice is about growing that relationship and aliveness within your very own body.

Celebrating the beauty, power, gentleness, fierceness and wilderness of your being.

In embodiment we create a safe and loving environment within which the soul feels welcome to come into the body more and more fully. This is often a step by step process, sometimes we are not aware of how much we tend to distance from our own bodies because its become so habituated. Embodiment is not about being totally fit and active – it is about being totally in touch with your self from tip to toe and feeling yourself really HERE and NOW in your body.

In courses and retreats we celebrate embodiment through movement, yoga, dance & breath.

Song and voice are another wonderful way to move into deeper layers of embodiment.

Embodiment is very often a life time project. Being fully present in our bodies can be disturbed by less than our ideal birth experience when entering the world, various childhood circumstances, all sorts of minor and major trauma throughout life, our level of sensitivity and our personality traits.

Our very world right now is fairly chaotic and neurotic. Embodiment is currently not being taught as a fundamental practice in our schools or universities, and many factors lead to many of us today feeling cut off from our bodies. Lets celebrate being human, being woman and being alive!

Self Love

such a pivotal, sometimes underestimated, often forgotten practice.

What does self love look like, FEEl like, live like in YOU?

All sorts of blockages and misunderstandings can stand between ourselves and our love to ourselves. Oftentimes we sabotage ourselves, in fact – we can be our own worst enemies.

That fierce love and gentle love and unconditional love is one that yearns for you as much as you yearn for her. She seeks you as you seek her. So each step you take towards yourself, more self love and self care become possible.

As women on pathways of the feminine, self nourishment is the first step, the foundation and the soil that gives everything in our lives the chance to grow, thrive and transform.

On self love journeys we focus on deconstructing self limiting patterns, cultivating self nourishing and developing self care. We may become radical in terms of what this means. And you will be able to choose a self marriage ceremony at the completion of your journey if you so wish.

Self Love is one of those things that we all know is pivotal, but sometimes it becomes hard to know – what is that exactly? How can I be even more loving to myself? What current blockages are playing out and running my life which repetitively undermine self love and appreciation?

That is why the Self Love journey is such an important part of feminine health and healing.

A journey of deepening into self love can be concluded with a beautiful self marriage ceremony.

Beauty, celebration, self discipline, creative process

Trauma Healing Practice

That feeling that something is off” … “oh its nothing– the everyday reality of trauma

Trauma is a big word, yet it affects so many of us. When we have an accident, an operation, a sudden change in our lives, our very own births – these can all create subtle or less subtle expressions of trauma within our body-soul matrix. In trauma the body, nervous system and whole being somehow does not have the resources and resilience to come back into balance after a difficult event, life period or experience. Trauma can affect us in a multitude of ways, from emotional pain, physical pain, numbness and low self esteem to nightmares, disturbing flash backs and self harming behaviour. For a highly sensitive soul the mere life in a modern city can be traumatising of sorts. Mobbing, a harsh workplace and natural disasters can create trauma.

There are pathways of connecting back in with our bodies and gently releasing old patterns that have held us in states of helplessness, fear, anxiety, anger, disembodiment and ongoing tension. Practices that can assist you in your life to come back into yourself and feel yourself again.

Trauma for us women can also often occur around experiences like giving birth, c-sections, abortions and miscarriages, abusive relationships – physical, verbal and emotional abuse.

Depending on the severity of your experience you may find this practice helpful.

These practices are additional supports besides psychotherapy or any other forms of professional trauma treatment. Here we are focusing on the aspects of integrating difficult experiences for the body-soul especially for women and the many times less obvious and widely accepted forms of trauma that occur in many of our every day lives. This practice is for women who feel that they are under some form of palpable trauma, wishing for a feminine perspective of self care.

Since there are many experiences that are dramatically traumatic it is important to have expert professional care in these cases e.g. rape, war and violent attacks need specialised expert care.

Many women within and after abusive relationships definitely need professional specialised help.

This is not trauma therapy as such, rather a body-centred support method especially for women.

We have specific pathways available to integrate difficult birth experiences / Birth Trauma.

We use an integrative approach of bodywork, awareness, mindfulness and counselling practices.

In Lichtgeburt our aim is to invite the soul into our bodies and lives as fully as possible.


Following our vocation is a soul filled thing. It is the journey of a lifetime if we do feel called to this particular journey. As women today we have the chance to step up and stand in our very own versions of powerful human being-ness. That has not always been this way.

Women have been rising up and we live in a time of incredible change – for the earth, for women, for humanity. So your vocation may not be listed on a university course or professional training institution. Your vocation might be a pioneering piece of genius, a masterwork still in progress, a fusion of various parts brought together for a new whole.

So diving deep to listen to YOUR inner voice and walking a path of heart may not always be easy, but they are most certainly worth it – and here at Lichtgeburt you have support, professional spiritual midwifery for your souls growth and process and many tools to assist you on the way.

Spiritual Mentorship

Authentic feminine spiritual leadership.

This is something that is only just becoming in our current world.

What is an authentic feminine spiritual path?

Here is a place for you to explore and dive into the world of feminine centred spirituality – your spirituality – and what this means. For you. To come back. To you.

Your spiritual truth. Your unique spiritual path. Your souls terms.

I am a Spiritual Midwife. This means that I have been born with the capacity to assist souls coming to this earth and shining their unique gift. I have spent my lifetime developing this “work” of mine.

The training necessary was not available in a currently active institution … its an inward happening, pulling back layers – unravelling souls lessons. Spiritual pathways that are in alignment with the feminine have been largely crushed and diminished. Its time for us to come home.

Finding a home here is a journey (for many of us)…

you are a vast, incredible and beautiful soul. There is a new paradigm of spirituality awakening and its feminine in nature. This. Here. Now. Is part of the awakening.


Rituals and ceremonies are beautiful and very ancient forms of creating and initiating.

We use rituals and ceremonies in the context of feminine pathways for women today.

This means that each ritual and ceremony is adjusted to your personal needs.

The power of ritual lies in the intention and within the space created.

In our rituals we honour the feminine, we honour you and we honour the celebration of the major passageways that we can go through as women. These times are beyond words. Rituals access directly the world of the soul. Lets sit in the circle together and uncover the wisdom.

Learning & Training

We provide training and learning possibilities that are evolving each moment.

Here you can join a tribe of women wishing to remember the feminine ways.

Our learning takes place in spirals, it works from the inside out and it includes the soul.

We provide learning in a one-on-one (apprentice), group (class, seminar, workshop) and online context. Training for professional development is available for those wishing to go into the mystery of the feminine healing professions from a practitioner or facilitator perspective.

As the courses grow you will find access to a Womans School– each of our courses is part of this school bringing back womens wisdom and knowledge into our own hands, where it belongs.

Birth Your Essence

Oh yes – and remember that thing about your SOUL?

Here is the place dedicated only and entirely to HER.

Its that most important place within, that we keep coming back to.

This is a place for your soul to SHINE.

And there will be more and more inspiring and beautiful offerings to support you on the way.

Workbooks, audio tracks, music, meditation, artwork, books, articles, online stuff

you name it. Check it out. And as you birth your ESSENCE we will be birthing more beautiful material for your soul to devour and enjoy and have the courage SHINE – because you are BEAUTIFUL beyond measure.