Women’s School – International Inspirational Education

for women 

An inspirational & educational response to our current feminine Awakening!


The Women’s School Auckland, NZ & Berlin, Germany      


We are currently available in both Auckland, New Zealand our home base & Berlin, Germany Summer School with Workshops and Courses happening internationally and Online. 


Registration & pre-payment are required for all The Women’s School classes. 


Email: jaguar.starlet@gmail.com to register






Classes, Courses, Training and Retreats in Auckland, New Zealand 




Wednesday May 13th 2017: topic class – Menstruation  


FB link – https://www.facebook.com/events/419217981775726/


At Vartamana Retreat Center, Swanson @ 7pm – 9.30pm

Learn about the cycles of menstruation from a physiology, emotional and energetic persective, better understanding your hormones, yourself and your body’s wisdom system.

We explore how to activate oxytocin, the hormone of love and bonding during our bleeding time, why regeration and rest are so important in this special phase each month and how to better creatively use our cycical way of being as women.

We come into deeper contact with our inherent knowing and engage in artistic practice to bring our learning into creative flow.

We will draw our bodies in this class as a creative expression of our own beauty. Meditations and inner awareness practice.

All The Women’s School classes are woven from threads of knowledge in the scientific, medicinal, women’s wisdom and creative pathways, including information sharing, inspirational tools and personal discovery through experiential processes – like movement, inner journey work, nature ritual or art.

Contribution for this class : $20 p.p.
Payable as a bank transfer
Registration required – jaguar.starlet@gmail.com

Sunday 14th of May Spiritual evening – Divine Mother

(open for women & men, on donation event) 

A meditation and spiritual evening dedicated to the Divine Mother.

Opening the space to connect deeply with the Divine Mother, Divine Feminine, soul song and own spiritual soul home.

An on donation event ♥

Meditation and inner awareness. Sharing.

Email us to let us know you are coming : jaguar.starlet@gmail.com

Held by Jaguar & Simone Vitale
(www.lichtgeburt.org & www.soundofgoldenlight.com)


Berlin Summer 2017:

AngelBirth Retreat Training Level 1 

AngelBirth Facilitatress Training (Level 2)

The Women’s School Conference – 2-day event 

The Women’s School workshops:

  • Earth Day 
  • Vagina!
  • The Young Women’s School & The Women’s School Online information event
  • Conscious Relationship
  • Ignite Your Holy Fire event
  • Body Love
  • NZ Retreats Info evening 



  • Cacao Ceremonies Auckland & Berlin (Collaborative events with Simone Vitale)
  • Ritual Masterclass with Simone Vitale & Serap in Berlin (specialised Training)
  • Pregnancy and Birth courses starting up in Auckland 2017
  • Conscious Relationship: The Workshop – with Simone Vitale & Jaguar Star 

A special class for men and women   

  • Sacred Female Voices Performances


Birth Your Essence Women’s Circle AUCKLAND NEW ZEALAND 

28.5.17: Auckland, New Zealand 


 Birth Your Essence Sacred Women’s Programme

Come together with a magical group of women to dance, move, feel, groove, explore your soul qualities, bring in more of your shining light and discover more of your uniqueness – a powerful feminine awakening practice for women! 

Birth Your Essence is a movement, creative ritual and soul story based feminine practice which combines body wisdom, soul discovery and artistic processes to birth your soul into this world! 

The pillars of wisdom we work with are:

Reclaim your Body

Reclaim your Heart

Reclaim your Skeleton Woman 

Shine your Light


Investment: 30 $ per woman 

Register NOW! 

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