Mentorship for Feminine Professionals 

Are you a Feminine Health professional, on your path of becoming a professional in the feminine field, a birth professional, a facilitator, coach or healer and wishing for some personal support on YOUR journey with this work?

As a Trainer and Teacher for professionals, I create a mindful space that allows you to expand in your own field, a healing space for your own challenges and pain, a soulful space for your spiritual path and the emergence of your soul purpose.

  • Mentorship for your work with women in the feminine field
  • Mentorship for Doulas starting out, for women beginning their life path in this field
  • For new professionals: Discovering your vocation & career path of the soul
  • Getting clear on your dreams AND following through!
  • Your soul’s calling – mystical considerations of your life’s work
  • Being true to yourself – following through on your mission in life – step by step.

This work is for professionals. Mentorship is highly valuable and recommended to have a support in this deep and personal work that we are pioneering into the world as a collective. Both your own wellness (self-care, nourishment) and professional growth are pivotal in this field.

As a new professional starting out on your journey you may have many questions, challenges and uncertainties. It takes courage to forge these pathways that are still new in our world. The focus is to support your soul to come into her fullest expression of truth, authenticity and power in this journey of a lifetime. As a seasoned healer, therapist, educator, trainer and birth professional,  I bring a lifetime of dedication to the creation of feminine professional pathways and in building the Women’s School constant immersion in this field.

These times truly were made for us to step up and do the work that is so needed right now.

120 € per Session or 6 Session Professional Mentorship Online: 600 Euro / 100 € concession pay-as-you-go

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