Sexual Healing for Women in Berlin

Ilan Stephani & “Kalis Kuss” 

I highly recommend Ilan for women healing from sexual abuse & trauma 

Expert guidance, bodywork, groups & courses all around feminine sexuality and embodiment. 

101 Miles of Sexual Healing 

Mama Soul Circle 

Larissa Deuter & Mama Soul Circle Berlin

If you are based in Berlin and wish for a circle of women to connect with after your birth this is the go-to place I recommend. 

Larissa participated in the SoulBirth pregnancy classes in her own pregnancy and has developed this project to offer women a sacred space after birth. 

Heilpraktikerin Berlin

Dorothea Heckl : Praxis Remise an der Marie 

I refer to Dorothea for additional natural health support : 

Professional and high quality care for women & children in Berlin

For homeopathic, herbal medicine, vitamin support and pain management.

Additional : Reflexology & Electromagentic Blood Ananlysis 

PLUS Mother & Child Groups in Prenzlauerberg! 

New Zealand Flower Essences – European orders 

Kim Ahrens & Natures Design for Life

I collaborate with Kim to bring to you the beautiful and powerful vibrational remedies of New Zealand. 

If you are based in Europe please order your flower remedies through this link. 

Clients outside of Europe can order from the New Zealand store (see below). 

Zohar Ren Karni, Doula & Talking About Berlin

Zohar offers monthly talks all about birth in Berlin. 

She is a fabulous Doula, Healer and educator of all things sexuality and pelvic health. 

A certified doula and childbirth educator, living and working in Berlin for almost 10 years.
Theta-Healer, massage therapist (Classical, Prenatal, Baby massage) and a yoga teacher.


Deutsch : Online Hilfe nach der Geburt 

Arweniel Hürliman & Spirituelle Begleitung


Arweniel bietet sehr heilsame Online Begleitung nach der Geburt an.

Für Frauen im ganz Deutschsprachigen Raum empfehle ich ihre Arbeit wenn Ihr das Gefühl habt nacht er Geburt eine kraftvolle Frau ansprechen zu können. Arweniel ist ein wahrer Engel auf Erden. 

Dance : Qoya 

Rochelle Schieck & Qoya

Wise, Wild and Free.

This is the place I recommend for women wishing to embody through dance.

Online training, free classes on Vimeo, inspirational retreats and more

Shamanic Clearing Work 

Sian Lang – Berlin 

I recommend Sian’s sweat lodges for women and for Berlin based shamanic clearance work

Sian is an artist, healer, teacher for Qigong and shamanic healing work and mother of two wonderful chrildren.

She also offers stone people lodges for pregnant women, newborn and soon-to-be parents.

Menstrual Revolution

Iris & Cycle Seeds (Utrecht, NL)

Cycle Awareness Educator, doula, Ashtanga yoga teacher, writer & anthropologist.

Menstrual inspiration!

Feminine Health 

Samar Ocean Wolf Ciprian & Moon Yoga  

Based in Auckland NZ. Arvigo, Tami Kent based Vaginal Massage, Qoya Teacher 

We created 3 of the videos on the video page together!

Birgit Baader 

Author & Educational activist for all things birth & earth 

She strives to strengthen the feeling of interconnectedness and “oneness”, and to share tools for self-awareness and self-empowerment. With extrasensory and interspecies communication, she believes we can plunge into a universal pool of wisdom and knowledge that reaches far beyond the physical limits of our own species.

Ordering New Zealand Flower Essences outside of Europe

New Zealand Flower Essences here if you are based outside of Europe 

Spirituelle Geburtsbegleiterinnen 

Spirituelle Begleitung rund um Schwangerschaft und Geburt 

Medicine Woman New Zealand 

Franchelle Ofsoske Wyber 


Women Who Run with Wolves – Clarissa Pinkola Estes 

Untie the Strong Woman – Clarissa Pinkola Estes 

Geburt – Birgit Baader

Wild Feminine – Tami Kent

Red, Hot & Holy – Sera Beak

Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom – Dr. Christiane Northrup

The Mama Bamba Way – Robyn Sheldon

The Childbearing Year – Susun Weed

A Cry from the Womb, Healing the Heart of the World – Gwedolyn Awen Jones

Superfoods – David Wolfe

In An Unspoken Voice – David Levine 

Puerperios y otras exploraciones femeninas – Laura Gutman 

Dakini Power – Michaela Haas 



Birth into Being – Elena Tonetti 



Simone Vitale 


Messy Magic mixes with Melissa Honeybee 

Russel Walder 


Menstrual Online School


Absolutely fantastic menstrual pads.

Also cloth diapers, baby wear and other green products