About our Programs

Okay – lets explain this a little. 


Programmes are a series of Sessions also referred to as “journeys”.   


The Pregnancy Journey 

This one is for when you are pregnant with a child! 

We will meet as many times as is wonderful for you and your baby. 

The pregnancy journey is a RITE OF PASSAGE in itself. Within pregnancy already there is a whole treasure chest of personal growth, soul learnings and the growth of your baby in your belly! 

Pregnancy is the important time that plays a fundamental role in your child’s health and your future relationship as mother, parents and child. It makes a lot of sense to create lots of time and space for these processes.

  • Conception Support
  • Pregnancy processes (health, body, mind, soul & family)
  • Intensive birth preparation
  • Birth integration
  • Post Birth Healing 

The Women’s Journey 

This is for you ALL! 

Our feminine lives have become complex – and they probably have always been. 

This is why the Women’s Health & Healing Services are a rich offering of a diverse range of pathways that can support, nourish, strengthen, inspire and cultivate COURAGE. 

The major thing in the Women’s Journey is that its YOUR JOURNEY! This means that all of your female topics are welcome. We will work with body and soul to cultivate courage healing, growth and integration at all levels. 

This work can also include difficult life events like post-abortion support, miscarriage support, grief processes and help in times of spiritual crisis. 

Health matters are just as important here as soul matters. Mostly the two are intertwined within each other and part of a greater whole.

Book in a First Session and then go on your journey – taking as long as your journey goes.  

Birth Preparation Intensive 

Getting ready for birth? This is a special time. 

What I have to offer here is a highly refined and comprehensive professional service that includes all my experience as a Doula, Body Therapist, Natural Health professional, Feminine Health professional, Life Coach & Spiritual Mentor. 

Give yourself the best possible chance for a beautiful birth!

Add your Blessingway Ritual if you feel inspired! 

Birth Trauma  & Post natal Blues 

I provide caring, professional and experienced support for different types of birth trauma.

Post natal blues, difficult births or if your own birth was traumatic and you are seeking healing for this.

C-sections can also leave their scars which  you may wish to address. 

You are welcome here in safe place to honour your journey and bring soothing loving kindness to the wounds. 

Book an introductory Session, to see if this would be a good support for you. 

Spiritual Mentorship  : 6 or 12 

Discover the feminine spiritual pathways 

Feminine Spiritual Pathways are emerging, awaking and opening. And each and every one of us is part of this shift. 

This journey is for you if you wish to bring a strong spiritual focus on either your women’s or pregnancy journey. 

We hone in on the authentic spiritual pathways available through the feminine rites of passage. 

Receive a 6 month or 12 month mentored process of uncovering your very own unique soul path and spiritual navigation. 

Meet once a month. Available Online. 

Self Love

You are amazing!

Uhuh! This is the delicious, beautiful and absolutely transformational journey which takes you through the layers of your being, straight back to your own heart. Here we focus on bringing back SELF LOVE. Lots of inner journeying, imagery and meditation. Add your SELF MARRIAGE Ritual if you feel inspired! 

I recommend a 12 week – 6 month period for the Self Love Journeys. This is also an Online Programme.