An intensively beautiful, creative spiritual programme dedicated to the Feminine Awakening & Star Light within YOU!

The time is NOW to IGNITE our feminine love & souls sparkle!

A starlit & TRANSFORMATIVE  3- month online immersion INTENSIVE to create a stable foundation for your UNIQUE feminine spiritual practice. A breath of fresh air to fuel your DEVOTION TO YOUR SOUL … reaching for the stars, grounding in YOUR BODY 

Join me and re-awaken your inherent Feminine Wisdom, remember your souls relationship with the Feminine at a deep, deep level and IGNITE your soul pathway of Feminine Awakening in this lifetime! 

An experience that it is juicy, powerful, gentle & soft, filled with women’s magic and star light 

Deep, life changing & really FUN.

Raise your VIBRATION NOW with Feminine & Star filled rituals, practices and wisdom

Creative spiritual practices for women  

Next course starts in March 2018


Light your HOLY FIRE

   Enter the magical world of Mary Magdalene through your inner feminine doorways – Menstrual Ritual!

   Ancient medicine to heal the tired warrior woman that has been trying too hard and not nourishing herself enough. Now is the time time for us to grow our potential and nourish our seeds of love. Receive individual guidance on your journey. Awaken the Starlight healing energies that bring lightness and gentle love.

   Awakening the Feminine Spiritual Pathways of Nourishment and Self Love – practices that lead you into the mysteries. Initiation into a foundational aspect of ancient feminine spiritual practice and living magic.

   Soft, kind and gentle care for the soul that has been ignored, forgotten or put on the waiting list. Just so much to do, always. We take care of her NOW – and prioritise self-care of the soul. The time is NOW! 

   Have a chat with Mary – your direct line.

   Develop & deepen your practice, dive into the Feminine with your own meditation methods, in a guided process. Creating our own spiritual practice tools is a hugely empowering process and dismantles the false ideas of disconnect from divine. If you have been feeling stagnant of a little lost in your journey, here is a chance to regain clarity and purpose in your daily life! 

   Cultivating stillness, purity and openness for yourself. Giving back to yourself – it’s heart nourishment time!

You are SO worthy of this! Star filled, Rose scented, heart open devotional time with your soul 

Special: The Wise Woman Circle

   Meet the ancient wise woman council. Let yourself be held in the arms of the ancient healers – our guardian Grandmothers. 

By the way…  Did you know that the new Star Energies and the Divine Feminine are intrinsically interlinked?

We are BIRTHING the new onto this planet! Awaken your higher vibrational awareness by healing your tired warrior bones, making space for the new. Do you feel ready to embody more of who you really are? A practice rooted in feminine reverence and soul honouring rituals supports you to remember what really matters in your life. Life is so precious – your time is now. 

The Birth of the new is happening … within your very being


Stoke your HOLY FIRE 

   Understand She who allows death to happen so life can emerge. She knows life and death and the transitions of womanhood

   Find that fierce self-love that has the power to pick yourself up again when it’s all fallen apart.

   The force of re-creation and the phoenix principle. Allowing release to create space for the new! 

   Practice darkness wisdom and listen to the stillness in the womb. Meet the womb cosmos and night star filled sky. 

   Meet your vagina and practice vagina love. Body adventures and rituals for yourself …

Creating your own relationship with the Divine Mother and her Medicine.

   If you’ve felt alone in your personal path of spirituality and wish for a grounded anchor, the universal principle of the Mother provides guidance, protection and direction in times of darkness. Today the Star Energies & the Divine Mother principle dance together to bring in a new awareness into our hearts. Heaven and earth meet within YOU – you are part of this new creation!

Trust who you are. You are a miracle. You are so loved. Your uniqueness is a treasure chest filled with new adventures every day. 

   A new opening that deeply honours the Feminine and your rites of passage as a woman. Embracing change so the new can emerge

   Inner guidance & cultivating trust in endings, shifts and chaos.

   Create your own prayer.


Nourish your HOLY FIRE

   Breast massage. Self Love Rituals that nourish your body and heart. 

   Tending to your wounds. Inner healing work with support and guidance from an experienced Medicine Woman. 

   A body-mind-soul exploration of your inner territory.

   Finding your wolf cub – inner child & self love practices.

   Discovering resilience, understanding trauma (in a non-therapeutic context).

This course is for women ready to embrace change and capable of practicing deep inner work. 

   We will explore the themes that matter to you currently, to bring gentle, kind, loving care to your tenderness. 

Bear Medicine

   Deep love – Animal Medicine.

   Safe space – creating the Sanctuary.

   Sacredness in the daily & mundane.

   RITUAL : Building an altar to yourself and your inner child.

You can be rooted in the ground and spread your wings – its safe to be all of who you are. 



   Nature Ritual. 

   Develop your intuition, connect with the earth and the stars.

   Know your star medicine – connect to your truth.

   Know your truth. Stay true to YOU. 

The Feminine Spiritual Path

   A process of remembering an ancient feminine spiritual path that allowed the bridging of heaven and earth – a spiritual birth within. The unicorns are the guardians of the processes of new birth in our new paradigm, in connection with the Divine Mother. 

   Creation is within you. You are the miracle. 

Your inner Diva brings her juiciness, fun and wonder to the process of deep spiritual transformation – its beautiful, its creative, its deep, its intense and it’s totally wonderful.

Your inner Star Woman brings her light filled healing grace, star fuelled inspiration – it is tender, sensitive and pure. It is you. 

This course is for you if:

  • you are on fire about igniting your feminine spiritual path and its really meaningful for you
  • you care about the feminine connection within yourself and wish to deepen this
  • you feel very connected to the stars and the new energies of this time
  • you yearn for some dedicated time to deepen and ignite your unique soul pathway with the Feminine
  • you have the feeling that the Feminine topics are connected with you but you’re still not sure exactly in which way
  • you want to think, feel and breathe outside the boxes that have been created artificially and without regards or respect for women, our soul and individualised personal journeys. You wish to awaken the uniqueness of your personal path.
  • you feel excited and inspired to create a feminine Spiritual Practice for yourself
  • you feel an intense connection with the Feminine awakening happening now on our planet
  • you’re ready to join a committed group of women and want to receive one-on-one support on your personal journey of Feminine Spirituality and into your soul truth

In this course you will:

  • learn about magical gateways of the soul that create a vessel for deep spiritual realisation
  • gain beautiful material and meditations for your ongoing use
  • practice powerful feminine centred rituals
  • learn to magically use your menstrual powers
  • experience intense transformation in all areas of your life
  • access wisdom within yourself that has remained hidden
  • get connected to and supported by the Divine Mother in a very clear and tangible way
  • gain a stable foundation for your Feminine Spiritual Practice that can carry you through lives storms
  • create your own unique practices and get support for your personal journey
  • experience an open, creative, grounded, loving approach to your unique journey
  • become more connected to your pleasure, sensuality and truth
  • be guided by a an experienced Feminine Spiritual Teacher , Spiritual Midwife and Medicine Woman
  • receive awakening of new parts of your soul that bring teachings and learnings to your soul
  • be immersed in the star energies that accompany this process
  • explore four gateways into the realms of Feminine Spirituality with an opening to many realms of consciousness
  • experience the power of a 21 day practice, which creates changes at a cellular level

Course Content:

  • 3-month immersion (four topics each 21 days)
  • one on one sessions for each topic (50 minutes each)
  • one optional group session for each topic with Q&A
  • manuscripts with practices, rituals, meditation creation and in-depth information around each topic
  • audio downloads for inner work
  • Star fuelled inspirations
  • Love filled wisdom
  • weekly emails with the material so you can build your practice steadily
  • body love practices

What have other women experienced encountering this Spiritual work? 

“I met Jaguar when I was pregnant in 2015 and my husband and I were seeking a doula.
As my doula, Jaguar helped me navigate the many changes I encountered during early pregnancy. She also supported me during my miscarriage that June.

Since that time Jaguar has remained in my life as a trusted healer, teacher and spiritual mentor. I have laid on her table and received craniosacral healing, I have met her in ceremony to process the loss of my pregnancy and most recently, I have experienced spiritual renewal and profound life change born of her teachings and spiritual midwifery.

If you have never heard of spiritual midwifery before, I can offer my personal experiences as a window into this concept.
Imagine “labouring” to give birth to your truest potential while simultaneously holding limiting beliefs and deep-seated fears that make that rebirth impossible.

A spiritual midwife is the one called to hold you, to calm you and to help awaken your inner connection to self and to God that creates an open window big enough to accommodate your transformation.

She witnesses you in the throws of contraction and the thrills of expansion and creates a safe space for the unfolding journey. She lovingly witnesses the old you, the newborn you and the fresh faced new you finding her legs in a fresh new realm of experience.
That is who Jaguar is to me. The spiritual midwife who can remind you of what it means to be a woman, a human being with an inborn capacity for creation on infinite levels.

If you are looking to reimagine your purpose in this life and to find deeper spiritual connection to yourself, to the planet and to God, I would recommend that you seek out the mentorship of Jaguar” – Jenna, Hamburg, 2016 

Transformation and Healing … 

“My experience of undergoing this healing process has been incredible. The power of the transformation process is beyond words. Jaguar assists you to enter your inner most being, empowers you to trust yourself and gives way to what is your essence. Her work as an indiviudal is transparent and free and she isn’t there to fix you, she gives that power to you! You come to her with an open heart and allow the process to unfold. She is truly a divine priestess helping to give birth to YOU! We need more people on this planet to work on this level to assist us beings in this day and age. It’s a blessing to have her to assist you in whatever shape or form. She is a true beauty and she lives by that universal law- she practices what she preaches! To sum it up, my journey with her is priceless. I take it with me and continue on this journey with her as I enter the many dimensions of this beautiful universe”. – Nasreen, Belgium, 2015

Why this course – now? 

This is a time of incredible potency for women. 

Its simply TIME. 

I have been working in the feminine healing fields all my life, and developing many pathways of accessing this powerful wisdom that is alive within us. The body, the heart and the soul are all vitally and EQUALLY important whilst reclaiming our magnificence and truth.

Birth has been a major part of my contribution to this field of the Feminine and I have come to realise that birth resides at the core of feminine spiritual initiation and growth.

I have traversed intense, deep and very personal, unique phoenix processes, spiritual awakenings and important healing pathways, leading me into my purpose of Spiritual Midwifery. The combination of my professional experience, supporting countless women for over 12 years throughout Feminine Rites of Passage and my own devoted spiritual & personal pathway have allowed me to be an open vessel in service to the Divine Mother and life, as well as cultivating the creative force of my own soulfulness to bring forward the most beautiful offerings possible, which I know to truly touch the world of soul, the feminine and bridge heaven and earth.

In this course I am simply sharing gold nuggets that I know to ignite healing, change and create an opening for something that can touch the wonder and miracle of who we are inside. The pathways I have chosen for this course are the ones that have come forward as most potent for this time. It is an invitation to experience something new, discover new parts of yourself and connect with the beauty of a supported spiritual practice dedicated to your soul and the feminine pathways inside you. I welcome you! 


Register now and take advantage the special opening price, available until February 28th, 2018: 420 €

This course is normally priced at 720 € including the material, group work, personal processes, guided rituals and individual spiritual support. From 1st of March 2018 the regular pricing will be applicable for this package, including the one-on-one Sessions.

At this time we will be offering the course at the special opening price of 420 €, also payable in installments.

You can pay in installments of 105 € per module (each 21 days) – if registered before the 28th of February 2018.


Get in touch and have a chat with me if you are interested in this course and wish to ask questions or find out more about the content and process – I am happy to schedule an Online call!

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Next Course starts in March 2018

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