Payment Details 

Please Email me to arrange your payment method 

Birth Formalities 

As a doula I DO NOT  provide any form of medical care – the work of a Doula is non-medical in nature. 

This means no type of midwifery care (like vaginal exams or medical advice), no form of Doctor’s care and no medical forms of diagnosis. I am NOT a midwife, nor any form of medical care provider. I have not been qualified as a New Zealand midwife. 

– I cannot make decisions for you – my role is to support you to come into a strong position of being able to make your own choices, in an informed and empowered manner.

– Talk to medical / hospital / health providers on your behalf. I can support you in voicing your needs.

 The role of the Doula is clearly differentiated from that of a midwife and you need to have competent midwifery and/or medical care for your pregnancy and birth. This service is a complementary service. 



On Call:

When I am on call for a birth I will arrive at the birth 1 – 2 hours after your call. 

It is your responsibility to call me in time and inform me. The sooner you call, the better, and we can arrange when you would like me to attend and make my way to where you are.

Should you fail to call me in time and the baby is born within 2 hours of you calling me to come, then the full fee for the birth is still due. 

If it is my error that I am not at the birth (e.g. I am not there within 3 hours of you requesting me to come) then you receive the full fee back. 

If the birth is very fast, within 1 or 2 hours of you calling me, and I am not able to be there by the time the baby is born, then I will provide post-natal services in full value of the birth fee. The birth fee is retained. 

Any other circumstances which are out of our control (your or mine), will be looked at individually. Partial or full refund may apply. 

Prices Disclaimer 

Prices are subject to change without notice. All prices are correct at time of publication; however we reserve the right to alter prices for any reason.

Formalities :


Payments are made through either bank deposits or when indicated (like when you are buying the workbook) you may find paypal or credit card options. Otherwise the payments work through contacting me and arranging your chosen Sessions. Then you will receive the payment information via Email. Payments are normally made before we commence working together. 

For in person on location appointments you have the option of paying your first appointment in cash should you be coming to the clinic. Please bring the exact payment cash on your first appointment and then we arrange the payment method for you for further Sessions, which is usually bank payments before your Sessions commence.

Rituals may also be paid in cash if arranged with me as such. Generally we prefer bank transfers. 

Pay as You Go 

The “pay-as-you-go” Sessions which are 100€ each are under the requirement that there are at least 6 Sessions within 6 months plus the introductory Session. We can agree this orally or sign a contract to confirm your commitment. 

Should you not complete 6 Sessions within 6 months the regular fee of 120 € per single Session is due. 

You will be required to pay the outstanding amount within 14 days of receiving your invoice. 


Cancellation Policy 

Keep in mind that I need to know at least 48 hours in advance should you need to cancel or change your appointment.
Cancellations beween 24 – 48 hours can be charged at 50, – Euros/50 $NZD. Full fees are charged for cancellations which are at shorter notice than this.

Exceptions can be made depending on circumstances (like sudden illness) when a minimum cancellation fee of 20, – Euro is charged.

This exception is made in a case-by-case scenario, and otherwise the 50 € fee is due. 

Any other variations are arranged according to the circumstances and made accordingly. 

Waiting Time

Due to the nature of this clinic, when you book an appointment in person in clinic you need to calculate up to 15 minutes waiting time. Since I am at home visits at times or called out urgently I may be delayed by a few minutes. 

Should I be running a little late, please take a seat in the waiting room. Delays in the clinic time table or because of urgent calls are normally no longer than 15 minutes. 



Birth services also include a contract or oral agreement of the format. 

Once you have commenced a programme please be aware that the conditions of the programme as outlined apply in terms of payments. Should you choose to cancel the service the full payment will still be due. 

Birth reservations need to be paid when reserving a space in my calendar and are non-returnable. 

Health Insurance : please talk to me regarding health insurance matters to discuss this individually.  

The services I offer are not normally covered by health insurances, we can however look into your individual insurance plans and options you have with me. I am registered in Germany as a qualified health professional. 


In special circumstances I offer payments in instalments and reductions for women with a low income.

This option is only available when we have already worked with each other in one form or another. 

Talk to me. 

Deutsch :  Stornierungen 

Termine sind nach Buchung Verbindlich, und benötigen mindestens 48 Stunden vor dem Begin des Termine Benachrichtigung im Falle einer Umbuchung oder Stornierung. Weniger als 48 Stunden vorher ist eine Pauschale von 50, – Euro berechenbar.

Ab 24 Stunden vorher wird der gesamte Betrag in Rechnung gestellt. Auch im Krankheitsfall bitte möglichst mindestens 24 Stunden vorher bescheid sagen. Im Einzelfall und im akuten Krankheitsfall werden individuelle Ausnahmen gemacht.

Es können in jedem Fall eine Gebühr von bis zu 20, – Euro Unkosten berechnet werden.


Bitte bei jedem Termin etwa 15 Minuten Wartezeit mit einberechnen, da es in der laufenden Praxis und mit Hausbesuchen immer mal wieder zu verzögerungen kommen kann. Wenn ich noch nicht in der Praxis bin dann bin ich auf dem Weg. Bitte Platz nehmen und ich bin meist wenige Minuten später da. Termine dauern in etwa 75 Minuten, bitte insgesamt nach dem Termin auch etwa 15 Minuten zum Ausruhen mit einberechnen. Die Praxis hat eine Teeküche, einen schönen Innenhof und ein Sofa zum warten.