Conscious Conception

Conscious Conception – Fertility support 

The birth of a child is a vitally important one for mother and child’s health and wellbeing, a wildly spiritual and deeply personal process.

In the Conscious Conception Sessions, we focus on the spiritual components of welcoming a child into your life and the practical pathways of health, wellbeing and nourishment. We dose the two in such a way that is perfect for your journey. 

This Session is for women wishing to prepare consciously for pregnancy and for women/couples experiencing fertility challenges.

  • Support to conceive consciously and with the best foundations possible
  • Support on your fertility journey, and all the inner places this takes you

Receive support in your wish to conceive a child : It is clear from scientific research that the period before conception may even have more impact on the lifelong health of the child than the pregnancy itself. The state of nourishment of your body and the well-being you experience prior to conception fundamentally influence the baby. You can take this opportunity to prepare for the magnitude of welcoming a new soul into your life and taking all the health aspects into consideration. Receive personal coaching for your life situation that includes body, mind & soul.

Fertility : Receive support during the emotional process of conception when it is more difficult than you imagined it would be. Here we aim to allow both the spiritual and emotional processes to be present and give you the most loving field possible as you navigate your pathway of conception and fertility, with everything that this may entail.  There are no set outcomes for this work – it is intended as a supportive field to be present with all that is happening now.

Soul connections : You will have the opportunity to connect deeply to the soul of your child. In this journey of conscious conception, you will not only be opening to the essence of your child but opening a transformative spiritual gateway for yourself. We place importance on the gentle and sensitive, tender and intensive journey that conception often is, in all its forms. Couples are welcome!

120 € per individual Session

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