NEW ZEALAND in-person work:


ONE-on-ONE in person Sessions in New Zealand:

Currency – $NZD for all people residing in New Zealand



€ for all international residents outside New Zealand, Online work & on location work internationally.

 Fees for single Sessions:

  • In NZ clinics/NZ Online: 100 $ NZD for single Sessions (60 – 75 minutes)
  • Online & clinic  international: 120 € for single Sessions (60 – 75 minutes)

First Session – Online “Taster” Sessions  (reduced fee on first booking)

  • International Online Sessions: 100 € for first Introductory Session (60 minutes)

Free for everyone – 20 minute call to chat and meet each other:

Online Call to answer your personal questions and get to know each other.

Please arrange via Email. We use for our Online Calls.

In New Zealand, we can also make a landline phone appointment.

Special – “Cup of Tea Meeting” (free):

  • If we happen to be close in location I am normally open to cups of tea when I am available if you wish to chat informally before commencing working together. Currently available in Te Puna. 


After having booked the first Session, we can start the journey of working together longer term and you can book a package if you wish. 

Package Sessions are minimum 6 Sessions within 6 months. 

  • Online International Sessions/ clinic : 100 € per Session (60 – 75 minutes) = 600€ for 6 Session package

Special circumstances: Very long-term clients working with me over a period of years, who are involved in Training Programs and continual participation in programs and The Women’s School receive the special discounted price of 80 € per Session of 60 min (this will be advised to each student as you book in).

International € fees apply when I am working in Germany on location or any other international locations, and when you are residing outside of New Zealand and working with me Online. 

New Zealand fees apply if you are visiting my clinic in New Zealand in person. 

For most Online Training Programmes and Individual Mentorship prices in € apply, also for New Zealand residents. Ask if you are unsure.

All TRAINING, RITUALS, WORKSHOPS, EVENTS, SPECIAL EVENTS & PROFESSIONAL MENTORSHIP has its own independent pricing as listed or as provided in information. Please Email us for all queries around pricing. 

We work with an international client base, so our prices reflect that.

For our New Zealand clients we endeavour to maintain $NZD as possible, locally. International Online Training Programs run in €.

Birth – available in Tauranga, New Zealand until May 2018 

Birth attendance (Doula) : 800 – 850 $NZD

Including 1 – 2 visits after the birth & on-call period before & after due date

Payable in two deposits :

400 $ upon booking your space

400 $ within the last month of pregnancy

50 $ after the birth if you wish for a second post natal visit