The Principles of Birth & the Feminine in YOUR LIFE!



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A 198 page, almost 3 hours of audio journey complete inner Programme for your soul. In E-Book format and audio downloads. 



Content of the Workbook & audio

  • The principles of the Birth Your Essence Programme 
  • Step-by-step guidelines on how to immerse in your soul’s journey
  • Nutritional ideas for detox and nourishment
  • Inspirational stories 
  • Personal Soul Process outlines 
  • Birth Your Essence Questions
  • Personal Retreat guidelines
  • Audio recordings with all the important inner journey work
  • Meditations and music
  • Methods gleaned from years of working in the field of women, pregnancy, birth, healing & soul  


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198 pages of inspirational writing, the Birth Your Essence QUESTIONS and a almost 3 hour Audio! 

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The Birth Your Essence Sessions

The Birth Your Essence Sessions are 4 Sessions followed by as many “Magic Sessions” as you wish.

This process is a highly transformative, soul opening one.

Birth Your Essence is about entering a field of possibilities! 

It comes from the world of magic and a place where children (and awakened souls) get their wild dreams from.

It’s time to play BIG and become who we were born to become – let’s live the story of our DREAMS! 

Being here and embodying all of our shining selves is a masterpiece.

Become the creative force of nature that you already ARE! 

The Birth Your Essence Programme :

1. Reclaim your Body

2. Reclaim your Heart

3. Reclaim your Skeleton Woman

4. Shine your Light


This step is all about stepping out of the known and into the realms of magic, because it is your path, only yours and noone else’s, your journey will look very unique – and amazing, because : You are AMAZING. Yes, you are!

The Birth Your Essence Classes, Workshops & Retreats 

Come together with a magical group of women to dance, move, feel, groove, explore your souls qualities, bring in more of your shining light and discover more of your uniqueness – a powerful feminine awakening practice for women!

As a class, workshop and Retreat, Birth Your Essence is a movement, creative ritual and soul story based feminine practice which combines body wisdom, soul discovery and artistic processes to birth your soul into this world!

Birthing your SOUL is all about EMBODYING your UNIQUE SELF! 

Join us to go on the journey of birthing your Essence and bringing your unique soul gifts to this world!

Come and dance with us, tell stories with us, create beautiful rituals with us! 

Want to know more about BIRTH YOUR ESSENCE ?


Your soul is very unique.

In New Zealand we call this power of uniqueness our “mana”.

Our mana is our personal magical quality that we are born with and can develop within this lifetime as a gift of service within this world.

It is this shining quality within our very essence that when uncovered can inform and empower every life decision we make, every step we take and infuse our very lives with the magic, power and beauty of our essential nature.

The UNIQUENESS of our souls journey and what we have come to LEARN and CONTRIBUTE in this life.

It is this courage to bring forward EVERYTHING we have and hold back NOTHING that will slowly, but surely let your soul to SHINE on through.


We are mothers to our very own souls making their way through to become embodied reality in our lives.
Welcome to the process of being born!

Just as the process of pregnancy and birth can be supported and accompanied in an empowering and light giving way, your journey of birthing your essence can be supported too. That is what I am here for.

Welcome to a time of great change and a time of truly embracing and allowing all the amazing new energies that are flowing and permeating our world at this time. It is time for women to SHINE.

I look forward to meeting you!

The Birth Your Essence approach is using the principles of BIRTH in your life as a WOMAN and in bringing forth your Soul Essence. We all carry the wisdom of birth within our bones. This work is a culmination of all the women’s and birth wisdom gathered in years of practice, learning, experience and personal growth. 

The Birth your Essence workbook is a synthesis of the sessions in the “Birth your Essence” programme.

This programme has a very particular intention and energy behind it, it is about the birth of your light into this world.

I have taken the time to write down the foundational principles of the Birth your Essence programme and put it into a workbook format. The workbook comes with recordings of meditations, guided journeys, music and inner process work.

So this means that now it is possible for you to actually embark on this process by yourself. Should you wish to have some support and guidance you can still book the programme additionally. It is also possible to take the programme and buy the workbook as a follow up.

I wish you all the best on this magical and magnificent journey!