The AngelBirth Training

For a new generation of feminine professionals wishing to create space for the soul & deeply access the Feminine.

Are you wishing to gain professional pathways in the field of birth, the soul and the feminine pathways?

For  women who are:

birth professionals, women wishing to become Doulas or spiritual pregnancy and birth companions, women wishing to work as Feminine Healers, Yoga teachers, Women’s Health Practitioners and Women’s Coaches wishing to integrate the world of the soul and create openings for the sensitivity of birth, as well as increasing access to feminine pathways of health and wholeness.

The AngelBirth Training Level 1

Level 1, Part 1: The Birth of the Soul 

  • The birth of your soul
  • the nervous system
  • creating safe space
  • understanding the processes of pregnancy and birth from a soul perspective
  • Your Soul journey

We begin by understanding the birth pathways of the soul as a starting point, so as to deeply comprehend our own journey and other souls journey in life. You will receive educational material around our topics.

Our main focus is the energetic world of the soul coming into the body. The world of birth and the understanding of the sensitive processes of the nature of birth are powerful pathways to comprehend the depth of the soul’s journey and our own journey in life.

The pregnancy and birth processes have much to teach us about the soul and our journeys in this life as human beings.

This work also directly links into the phenomena of high sensitivity and can be an eye opener for people who feel highly sensitive or are in touch with babies, children and others that have a highly sensitive and perceptive capacity.

Level 1, Part 2: AngelWings & The Song of the Soul   

In these two days, we create the container for deep personal growth. This time is dedicated to you and your spiritual journey.

  • Do you feel your role is one of guardianship for the soul?
  • Learn more about the world of the soul 
  • Heighten your ability to perceive clearly
  • Understanding the principles of safety and deep nourishment
  • Energetic awareness and clearing in order to feel the soul
  • Journey through womb – heart and inner wisdom
  • Singing YOUR soul in
  • Awakening the Angel Wings

These processes are very personal and need much sensitivity. To take part in this Training participants are required to be able to hold personal processes and have tools and experience in inner work. This training is not psychotherapy nor a substitute for psychotherapy. You will find that these journeys we undertake together create much change in the life, a willingness to make space for that is needed.

Gentleness with self and others is a principle pillar in this work we do together.

Level 1, Part 3 : The Divine Mother

These two days are dedicated to exploring the nourishing and nurturing capacity that we hold within our own hearts, that sustain us and that open our souls into the depth of the connection with the divine mother and her great healing.

Held in The Mothers embrace we dive into the divine mysteries of her nurturing ways.

Healing and nurturing of self precedes healing and nurturing for others. Allowing the healing space of the mothers grace.

  • the healing waters of the divine mother
  • protecting & embracing the new children
  • the fierce love of the feminine
  • healing the “mother wound”
  • remembering your soul origins
  • awakening motherly love towards yourself
  • healing the fear of the feminine in our world
  • awakening softness and gentleness
  •  the courage to love
  • how the feminine, the divine mother and your capacity to bring guardianship for the soul can powerfully transform your work with women – children and in your family
  • specialized Doula tools and support

Level 1, Part 4 : Star Energies & Healing tools 

  •  Angelic & Starlight Healing Tools for the feminine, pregnacy and birth – in alinment with the delicate field of birth and soul
  •  Conscious Conception support
  • Understanding the new energies coming in
  • Opening into comprehension of GUARDIANSHIP
  • Healing Work Practicum

AngelBirth Part 5 : On completing Part 4 we meet as a group to complete the group work Online which is AngelBirth Part 5.

This is followed by an Online Mentorship time which is around 1 year in length, depending on group and setting. 

After the completion of the Mentorship period the student can continue to Level 2 if desired. 

I am interested in receiving information about AngelBirth

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The AngelBirth training did nothing short of revolutionizing my life. Jaguar is an expert midwife of the soul. She has developed a language and curriculum to hold the experience of etheric soul birth. I cannot overstate how unusual and revolutionary it is to work with someone who treats deep mystery with reverence, but who knows how to facilitate active participation in that mystery. The inner work we did in this process allowed for profound soul alchemy to take place in me, which, months later, is still unfolding. I made some of the most important realizations of my life during AngelBirth.

Jaguar is not a didactic, prescriptive educator. She isn’t trying to feed the student information, to show them “the right way.” She is expertly opening and protecting creative space in which each student, under her guardianship, can realize their own capacities and needs.

There is no one I would trust more deeply as a teacher in this field. The only advice I have for someone considering this training is to trust, and say yes.



Jaguar öffnet ein feld voller liebe, in dem ich ganz (ich) sein kann. in dem sich seelenseiten von mir, die sich seit meiner kindheit versteckt haben, nun endlich zeigen dürfen.  der raum ist geschützt und geborgen und das tempo der hohen intensität und der tiefe der arbeit angepasst. die bedürfnisse der teilnehmerinnen werden liebevoll und achtsam respektiert, der verlauf des wochenendes angepasst an das, was gerade lebendig ist in uns frauen. die energien der göttlichen mutter, der engel (in uns), der sternenwesen sind präsent und deutlich spür- und erfahrbar. sie sind ein wichtiger teil in meinem leben und in meiner arbeit geworden. der fluss meiner lebensenergie ist deutlicher spürbar, ebenso wie für mich jetzt deutlicher spürbar ist, was mich wirklich nährt und was meiner seele entspricht. mein leben ist schöner, fließender und reicher geworden – auf allen ebenen.



I met Jaguar when I was pregnant in 2015 and my husband and I were seeking a doula. As my doula, Jaguar helped me navigate the many changes I encountered during early pregnancy. She also supported me during my miscarriage that June. Since that time Jaguar has remained in my life as a trusted healer, teacher and spiritual mentor. I have laid on her table and received craniosacral healing, I have met her in a ceremony to process the loss of my pregnancy and most recently, I have experienced spiritual renewal and profound life change born of her teachings and spiritual midwifery during the AngelBirth 1 Training. If you have never heard of spiritual midwifery before, I can offer my personal experiences as a window into this concept. Imagine “labouring” to give birth to your truest potential whilst simultaneously holding limiting beliefs and deep-seated fears that make that rebirth impossible. A spiritual midwife is the one called to hold you, to calm you and to help awaken your inner connection to self and to God that creates an open window big enough to accommodate your transformation. She witnesses you in the throws of contraction and the thrills of expansion and creates a safe space for the unfolding journey. She lovingly witnesses the old you, the newborn you and the fresh-faced new you finding her legs in a fresh new realm of experience. That is who Jaguar is to me. The spiritual midwife who can remind you of what it means to be a woman – that is – a human being with an inborn capacity for creation on all levels. If you are looking to reimagine your purpose in this life and to find deeper spiritual connection to yourself, your femininity, the planet and to God, I would recommend that you seek out the mentorship of Jaguar.


I am interested in receiving information about AngelBirth

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The Full Angelbirth Training

Level 1: Practitioner 

7 day in person Intensive & Online material, followed by an approx.  one year Mentorship & group work 

Group Training – Retreat Intensive with follow up Mentorship

This level of Training is designed to allow you to integrate soul awareness, soul communication, the spiritual foundations of feminine mystical gateways, an understanding of subtle energy realms such as the angels and the new energies – so-called Star energies – as well as a grounded approach to healing for women that encompasses a wider spectrum of perception than the unseen worlds or physical worlds alone. You will begin learning to bridge your current skills with new understandings and with your inherent soul gifts.

This course is known to create a vessel for fundamental transformations within your life and allow for awakening processes within yourself, as well as a potent space of learning that gives you practical tools, pathways and methods applicable to your professional life.

Level 2: Facilitate-ress

4 Day Intensive Retreat, followed by personal Mentorship & practical work

Group Training – Retreat Intensive with practical applications 

In this course, we expand upon the skills acquired in Level 1 and build upon the experiences that have been integrated during the year long ( approximate time frame of Mentorship) period of assimilation. We cultivate group facilitation processes and create rituals.

In this course, practical tools are applied which can be used both in a personal coaching and group setting. Here we enter the field of applying the AngelBirth principles as stand-alone components – creating workshops dedicated to the themes explored in Level 1 and learning how to work in a Session based setting with individual clients. Students also learn how to facilitate their own AngelBirth Seminar.

Level 3: Pathway Soul Doula or Pathway Feminine Healer

Individual apprenticeship & work experience 

At this Level, each woman chooses which pathway most applies to her personal career choice: working mainly with pregnancy and birth (Soul Doula) or focusing in the realms of general feminine healing (Feminine Healer).

Each pathway has its own stand-alone learning components. Both pathways may be studied and completed in time.

As a Soul Doula you gain all the information and education needed in the fields of pregnancy and birth, covering anatomy, physiology, birth preparation, embryonic development, understanding the connection of physiology and soul pathways, connecting hormonal processes and psychological processes of human development during pregnancy and birth, comprehensive education in the field of conscious conception, fertility and grief work as well as spiritual pathways of pregnancy and birth.

Connecting spiritual knowledge, body wisdom, physical tools and personal growth are the underlying principles of this Training.

Depending on your previous experience and training the learning material will be adapted individually.

This is an individualised training pathway that takes place in a one-on-one setting apprenticeship style – Online/Offline (depending on individual circumstances, setting and locations). Most of this Training is designed to be delivered Online.

As a Feminine Healer learn the tools required to accompany women in a holistic and soul based way.

Your work will be aimed at understanding the feminine principles underlying women’s healing processes as well as body wisdom.

Depending on your previous experience and training the learning material will be adapted individually.

This is an individualised training pathway that takes place in a one-on-one setting apprenticeship style – Online/Offline (depending on individual circumstances, setting and locations). Most of this Training is designed to be delivered Online.

Level 4: Guardian of The Soul

Spiritual Learning Pathway 

Mystical pathways for women wishing to deepen their professional and personal paths, that have a specific soul calling of Guardianship for others. This is an advanced level Training.

More about the Origins of AngelBirth

In The AngelBirth Training I have decided to step out of the box and provide an immersive training in the world of soul and the feminine, specifically oriented towards the world of birth and the understanding of the special feminine spiritual pathways opening at this time.

From my perspective there are very subtle, delicate new energies that are flowing into our human consciousness at this time, and because many children being born now are being born with this more refined awareness, I am offering an opportunity to touch into and comprehend these energies in a personal way, for women working in the fields of birth or with feminine healing in general.

We give special attention to soul communication, as the process of conscious conception and the possibility of communication with the soul of children is one that I feel pivotal at this time for the sensitive souls coming onto this earth.

The mystical initiations of working with the feminine are calling many women today, as new pathways are needed in this time of transitioning to a world that allows space for women, the feminine and the soul.

The qualities associated with these new energies are also at times associated with what we understand as “angelic”.

Being an angel on earth can be a very real thing and I wish to support those women that have this role and purpose, whose delicate and beautiful light requires a special kind of support. Women wishing to take this Training will already have established their own skills and be trained or experienced in some way, wishing to develop and grow their abilities further. In special circumstances, you may be totally new to this work and simply feel a soul calling to complete the entire professional pathway as your main course of study. 

I have conceptualised the AngelBirth Training to provide something very special – a space within which it is possible to discover your own inherent soul qualities, be in conscious relationship with the subtle energy flows of the soul and its many facets and come to a deep understanding of the support available in the unseen worlds from the divine mother. Awakening to the feminine pathways within.

Levels 1 and 2 provide extensive education and personal support to grow within your chosen professional field and integrate this wisdom into what you are already doing in the world.

Two pathways are available for women who wish to take this work to a deeper level & gain a professional qualification in this field:

  • Our abilities as birth keepers become more a role of birth guardians – and true guardianship of the soul at birth. Soul Doula.
  • Our calling to work in dedication to women and the divine feminine becomes embedded in comprehensive practical understanding and deep personal growth. Feminine Healer.